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Y-Society (Insight & Damu) – Travel at Your Own Pace

Y-Society (Insight & Damu) – Travel at Your Own Pace

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Y Society is the duo of Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk. Together they have created their debut album, Travel At Your Own Pace. With Insight’s ethic of integrity to his rhyming abilities infused with Damu’s neo-classical approach to beats (in the vein of Diamond D and Pete Rock) this album stands with one goal in mind: To make us all consciously aware and proud of hip hop all over again.

“Very refreshing to hear a young cat with that much soul. Exactly what’s been missing from the game ….soul” – Marley Marl

(click to listen to snippets)

1. Intro
2. This is an Introduction
3. Never Off (On & On)
4. Hole in your pocket
5. This Advice
6. Good Communication
7. Scientist
8. Dizzy
9. How Many of Us?
10. Puzzles
11. What’s Next?
12. In Command
13. Setting the Example
14. At my own Pace
15. Peace I’m out the door
16. Never Off (On & On) Insight Remix

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