Godz Wrath presents: Black Marvel – Tell Me

Following their critically acclaimed work on Hell Razah’s Renaissance Child and Killah Priest’s The Offering, the production team behind ‘Buried Alive’, Smoking Gunn’, ‘Ghetto Jesus’ and ‘Osiris Eyes’ (among other tracks) releases the single for their first artist online for FREE! After putting in some serious production duties on both those Wu-Tang family projects, Godz Wrath is now ready to put out some heat of their own: Black Marvel.

Originally from the Amsterdam area, the Black Marvel now resides in London (UK). He has been a part of the Godz Wrath producers collective since it’s beginning a few years ago. As an artist he had already released singles with Sadat X and Alamo from Brand Nubian at that time. After working with Godz Wrath on songs with Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest, Shabazz the Disciple, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Ras Kass, Hell Razah and Timbo King, as well as doing shows with legendary artists such as Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, the Roots, MOP and others, Black Marvel is now returning to the spotlight with his new single, ‘Tell Me’.

The ‘Tell Me’ single is now available for FREE download on the official website: www.superchargerrecords.com.

The track is accompanied by a grimy video that perfectly illustrates the song’s socio-political point. The heavy, dark sound of the track, which is a typical Godz Wrath banger, is not the kind of Hip Hop you hear on the radio all day, but exactly what you need to start up a revolution. The song’s chorus demanding to know what lies will be told and what dreams will be sold
only adds fuel to that fire.

Produced by Black Marvel for Godz Wrath
Co-produced by Lockheed Locksmith
Mixed by Jordan River Banks
© 2007, SuperCharger Records
Video by Brutesque

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