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Rapper Bleu DaVinci charged with running cocaine for Black Mafia Family

Rapper Bleu DaVinci charged with running cocaine for Black Mafia Family


Add to the list of roughly 130 alleged Black Mafia Family affiliates facing federal charges in at least nine separate indictments the following name: Barima McKnight, aka the rapper “Bleu DaVinci.”McKnight was among six defendants whose identities were revealed on Friday, after a U.S. District Court judge in Atlanta signed an order to fully unseal an indictment that had been filed in July. The indictment charges a total of 16 defendants with conspiracy to distribute multiple kilos of cocaine.

McKnight, who took over the record label BMF Entertainment after alleged BMF co-leader Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory was indicted two years ago on cocaine conspiracy charges, was the sole artist signed to the Atlanta-based label. The feds allege that BMF Entertainment was in fact a front for the cocaine trade.As a rapper, McKnight never saw the success of other artists who aligned themselves with BMF, including Young Jeezy and Fabolous. Neither Jeezy nor Fabolous was signed to BMF Entertainment. But both were early members of the BMF party entourage that was a huge presence in Atlanta clubs such as Compound and Vision, and both have written or contributed to tracks about the storied crew.
According to the indictment charging McKnight:

DEFENDANTS were members or associates of the criminal enterprise known as the Black Mafia Family (BMF). The cocaine possessed and distributed in this conspiracy came from the most senior members of BMF, who are not indicted herein. It was only by way of their membership in BMF or association therewith that DEFENDANTS were able to gain access to the cocaine that was distributed as part of this conspiracy.

McKnight has not been apprehended, nor have the five other defendants whose names were revealed last week: Terry “Taz” Biles, Vernon “Wu” Coleman, Michael “Freak” Green, Innocent “Fifty” Guerville, and Deron “D-Shock” Hall.

Demetrius Flenory, his brother and alleged co-leader Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, and as many as nine of their 40 co-defendants are scheduled for trial Nov. 5 in Detroit, where the alleged $270 million cocaine enterprise was birthed before establishing central hubs in L.A. and Atlanta. The Flenorys face a continuing criminal enterprise charge, which can carry a mandatory life sentence.

14 replies on “Rapper Bleu DaVinci charged with running cocaine for Black Mafia Family”

You all are indicting people that were just friends and wanted to have a good time with members of the Black Mafia Family. Everyone that you all are indicting is not guilty of the charges that you are trying to charge them with. Do you want people to stop hanging with friends that they grew-up with just because that person is doing wrong. That’s not how the Black community works!!!!!

I agree how you gone lock up folks who’s friends just so happen to be Money getters? Now thats some bullshit for yo ass. I know for a fact had they not connected Big Meech’s case to his Brothers & other BMF members he woulda fought that weak ass case & probably woulda won! 1.) They didn’t have not one ounce of Evidence on Meech. He only plead guilty becuz connecting his case to T’s was there way of rail roading Meech 100% Cuz His Brother (Southwest T) is guilty He put everybody from BMF in jail wit his big ass mouth now this nigga is guilty & couldnt shit save his ass yappin away on his Fed-tel (Nextel) & got all these niggaz jammed up doing football numbers. Based on that shit Meech didn’t have a chance real Talk then you got all these Snitches fake ass dope boys caught little cases & cant do tha time. Niggaz singing like choir boys,telling tha investigators “I’ll give you Meech if u give me 5 months” in tha FEDS these niggaz are really Snitches! Meech dont even know these busta’s.2nd gripe I don’t feel shit for Bleu Davinci cuz all u gotta do is buy a SMACK DVD Where this nigga so busy bragging believing he’s flossin that he’s really dry snitchin not knowing it flossin guns verbally implicating Meech & J-Bo, talkin that trapper of tha year shit! This nigga needs to be slapped. Now he’s somewhere broke scared & hiding & pleeze believe me Dude is somewhere broke! He aint got $10,000 let alone $5,000 no Ferrari’s no Jewels & no lawyer basically his lyrics will be used to convict him. He’s thru wit money cuz is rinsed. Tha state of Atlanta got they Dick out & its going up Bleu’s ass LoL. They really gone throw tha book at em. Plus knowing he’s wanted & still evading arrest just shows more guilt on his part. Damn Bleu u use ta be tha man Homie what tha fuck happened to u.

Real Talk the shit you speaking sounds like Real talk; I like BMF and their solidarity,they seem to be some really top flight entertaiment promoters but using common sense your opinion makes alot of sense.

i’m not american, so dry-snitching is a new term for me, but i think i understand it.
meech was just as retarded throwing parties like that, wearing a “i’m a boss” shirt. a video from 2004 shows them reenacting their daily life! that’s just plain stupid! hope they have some swiss money or diamonds buried some where.

We need to get these niggas claiming B.M.F. 4real for dat niggs bleu he somewhere around here I know he won’t real anywayz I know personaaly cuz I run wit the family and we still here and we still got the chains and still makin money niggas!!!!!!

Hey some you better watch your mouth about BMF and stop the hating I work with the lable personally and I have started promoting for them you have no idea what happened. How would you like to be judged for what you did do not sit here and hate on these people they did things most of you could only imagine they created a empire of loyalty and family they made money. Anyone who got hurt or ended up having problems with BMF probally ended up in trouble because they ripped people off. Do not sit here and come at them with this bullshit alot of them are standup guys and they are very good hearted people so kiss our asses.

Oh yeah I have one last thing to say I am not a BMF member but I am a music promoter and I will say this if you had hundreds of millions in your hand you would not be sitting here talking shit so do not hate.

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