Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins Offer Free Downloadable Mixtape

Prolific producer Georgia Anne Muldrow and accomplished emcee Dudley Perkins, known collectively as G&D, want you to know that their music encompasses soul, funk and hip hop – in that order. The proof is in The Message Uni Versa Mixtape, which is now being offered for free for a limited time. The Mixtape combines choice tracks from Georgia and Dudley’s past albums, as well as tracks from their recently released critically acclaimed full-length album, The Message Uni Versa. G&D’s desire to spread hope and peace has inspired a truly creative musical statement, showcasing the best of their individual talents. As the perfect compliment to The Message Uni Versa, G&D’s Mixtape offers over 45 minutes of soulful, funky listening.

After releasing two albums, A Lil’ Light and Expressions (2012 A.U.), on Stones Throw Records, Dudley Perkins began collaborations with label mate Georgia Anne Muldrow. Known for her talent as an artist and producer, Georgia has released two albums, the Worthnothings EP and Olesi: Fragments of the Earth, as well as Sagala under the pseudonym of Pattie Blingh. To get a feel for Georgia & Dudley’s music past and present, look no further than The Message Uni Versa Mixtape. It’s the perfect display of how they’ve propelled their individual talents into a unique and marvelous sound.

The Message Uni Versa Mixtape can be downloaded here:

Track Listing:

1. GodUnit – G&D
2. Time – G&D
3. Leroy – Georgia Anne Muldrow
4. Blackman – Georgia Anne Muldrow
5. Just Think – Dudley Perkins
6. MGD feat. M.E.D. – G&D
7. Get On Up – Dudley Perkins
8. Epilogue – Georgia Anne Muldrow
9. Dollar Bill – Dudley Perkins
10. One – G&D
11. Lovelight – Georgia Anne Muldrow
12. Falling – Dudley Perkins
13. Reallytho – Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five
14. Testing Me – Dudley Perkins
15. Washedbrainsyndrome – Dudley Perkins
16. Nothingness – Georgia Anne Muldrow
17. West Coast Recycler – Georgia Anne Muldrow
18. Hey – Georgia Anne Muldrow
19. Funky Dudley – Dudley Perkins
20. Feet – Georgia Anne Muldrow

21. Flowers – Dudley Perkins

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