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DJ Mick Boogie @ Plush Nightclub

DJ Mick Boogie @ Plush Nightclub

DJ Mick Boogie @ Plush Nightclub

By Aaron “A*maze” Joseph

Hosted by GMAN and Rizk the LRG/Luxirie party featuring DJ Mick Boogie at Big Up Saturdays (Plush Nightclub) in Vancouver, was a great night of old school and new school jams and was definitely the place to be.

DJ Mick Boogie is well known for mixtapes such as the RBK Artist Spotlight with Lupe Fiasco and is also the official DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Boogie started the night off at around midnight and continued on until two in the morning. He showed the Vancouver audience his skills as he spun everything from Naughty by Nature to Kanye West, showing those present that he is indeed “harder, better, faster and stronger” than most DJ’s in the game right now.

All in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves that night and left with sore feet from all the dancing that ensued throughout the night.

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