Common retiring?

Common retiring?


According to VIBE Magazine. Common is planning to ditch his music career for Hollywood, because he feels he will be more successful as an actor than he will ever be as a rapper.

The star – born Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. – has garnered critical acclaim for his lyrical skills in his 15 years in the music industry, but has already made a name for himself as an actor in his short time on the big screen, with roles in movies like Smoking Aces and the newly-released American Gangster. But he is contemplating making the career change more permanent.

He tells Vibe magazine, “I need a new fulfillment as an artist. I feel like I can become a bigger actor than I am a rapper. It’s scary thinking, ‘Damn, if I don’t sell no records, what am I going to do?’ When you haven’t made multi millions in this game, you got to think about what you want to be doing when you’re 50 or 60. I found an art that I really love and it’s infinite.”

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