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Tastemakers Invited to Join Private Beta Testing

(Brooklyn, NY, November 27, 2007) Sandbox TV, an interactive media company based in New York, invites urban music fans and tastemakers to participate in the private beta testing phase for their new initiative, the “Transportal.” The Transportal is a next generation embeddable video player, which allows users to embed whole channels of customized content anywhere they like, such as blogs or social networking sites.

The Transportal provides a unique and efficient platform for publishers and advertisers to monetize the viral effect of video sharing while retaining control over their content and message. The player’s user interface allows publishers to leverage sponsorship for their channels in a variety of ways; banner space, pre-roll, post-roll, and sponsored links. Furthermore, unlike video sharing sites YouTube and Brightcove, Sandbox publishers and advertisers can extend their marketing reach by designing a customizable skin for their Transportal.

Recognizing artists’ and companies’ needs for managing strong brand identities, Sandbox’ embeddable video content and “skin-able” player offer the whole branding package. Explains Joon Shin, President of Sandbox TV, Inc., “Our video players engage the viewers, connect the publishers to the viewers, and direct advertisers to their target markets, all through an immersive branded experience. In the hyper-individualistic worlds of MySpace and Facebook, users welcome that level of differentiation.”

Several high profile companies and recording artists such as Lil’ Mama and Saigon, quickly recognized the revenue and viral potential of the Transportal and have established their own channels. With Sandbox’ technology and services, Lil’ Mama was able to leverage the brand equity gained from her video exposure online through her channel and quickly gained pop star status.

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