Lex Butter press release

Lex Butter press release

“For some, New York’s South Bronx is equated with depression, hopelessness, and poverty. And while others have succumbed to these factors, one has utilized them to paint a picture of a tough but inspiring world of struggle, success, death, and commitment. His name, LEX BUTTER.

Rich with vivid imagery, addictive flow, and lyrical finesse, his music is a stunning example of LEX’s diverse artistic range and creative growth. A pure perfectionist, his goal is to be one of the biggest gifts this culture has ever received, carving out a lyrical, musical, magical place for himself in his craft, with both solo projects and his own record label long term.

He won the Rock With Wu Contest on Loud.com, performing for thousands of fans in Hawaii this past summer. He’s working on an album now, as yet untitled, but his heavy involved in getting his mixtapes and singles together. He lists Big Punisher as his main influence. Lex is a producer as well as an emcee, lacing beats for his crew and various artists in the BX.

And while he continues on his journey, one can’t help but realize, LEX
BUTTER HAS JUST BEGUN. www.myspace.com/lexbutterbx

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