‘The Harlem Experiment’ Pays Homage To Spanish Harlem

‘The Harlem Experiment’ Pays Homage To Spanish Harlem

Ropeadope’s Acclaimed Release Features Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri Sidemen and a Palmieri Tune

Ropeadope’s ‘The Harlem Experiment’ pays homage to the diverse musical culture of Harlem over the past century. The Latinos of Spanish Harlem have played a huge role in shaping the world’s coolest ‘hood. Two of Spanish Harlem’s many talented and influential residents were Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri. Puente’s unbridled energy and percussive talents and Palmieri’s infusion of Latin rhythms into jazz piano set a standard for musicians of all genres.

One song from ‘The Harlem Experiment’ is an updated rendition of “Harlem River Drive,” the title track from the vinyl crate-digger’s gem of the same name featuring Eddie Palmieri and the Harlem River Drive Band. The version on ‘The Harlem Experiment’ channels the unique “Nuyorican” jazz and soul that defined the early ’70s in Spanish Harlem. It features Ruben Rodriguez, who has played with both Puente and Palmieri, and Eddie Martinez (also a Palmieri sideman), along with musicians who have accompanied David Bowie, Run DMC, and Chick Corea.

Of course, no audio homage to Harlem would be complete without “A Rose In Spanish Harlem.” Grammy-winning producer Aaron Luis Levinson tapped soul man James Hunter and an old Martin guitar to do the honors. The result: a beautifully minimal love letter to one of the world’s cultural icons.

Listen to ‘The Harlem Experiment’s’ update on the classic “Harlem River Drive” here

Listen to James Hunter and his Martin on “A Rose In Spanish Harlem” here

The Harlem House Band features:

Eddie Martinez – keys
Steve Barrios – drums
Ruben Rodriguez – bass
Steven Bernstein – horns
Carlos Alomar – guitar

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