Avant-garde rapper Y-Love takes Hip Hop on new journey: Modular Moods recording artist breaks the mold

AVANT-GARDE RAPPER Y-LOVE TAKES HIP HOP ON NEW JOURNEY: Modular Moods recording artist breaks the mold

Since the inception of hip hop in the 1970s, there have been leaders who have taken the genre to new levels and those who have followed. Brooklyn’s own Y-Love is one such leader and his new album “This is Babylon” proves that droves will soon be clamoring to follow in kind.

Y-Love (né Yitz Jordan) is part of the new guard of hip hop revolutionaries. Describing his style as “global hip hop,” Y-Love seamlessly intertwines English, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and ancient Aramaic. He combines ethereal scripture with gritty social consciousness, reflecting his own life-changing conversion to Hasidism.

Y-Love represents a revolutionary new brand of hip-hop, where the music is no longer just about your block, but about your role as a citizen of the world. Having graced the stage with luminaries as varied and respected as Lou Reed, DJ Spooky, Hadag Nachash, Matisyahu, Steinski, and Immortal Technique, Y-Love has proven himself as a formidable presence in the world of hip hop. His album, “This is Babylon,” is set for release in April 2008 on Modular Moods/Craig’N’Co/Fontana/Universal. The record boasts stand-out electric dance tracks like “Bring It On Down” and politically supercharged anthems such as “6000,” with production by Jake Break, who brings a Parliment/Outkast-esque vibe to the project.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Modular Moods (and its sister company Shemspeed) are the perfect home for an artist such as Y-Love. The label is globally conscious, working with some of the most talked about Jewish and Muslim acts. Other acts on its roster include Smadar, Yuri Lane, Kosha Dillz, and C Rayz Walz. The company’s (and indeed Y-Love’s) M.O. is promoting religious and racial tolerance through music. With each word he spits in the tongue of ancient Babylon, Y-Love breathes new life into hip-hop, one beat at a time.

Y-Love has been building a buzz amongst hip hop and world music enthusiasts alike. Called “the scene’s next crossover success” by the Jerusalem Post, 2008 will prove that all the world is Y-Love’s Babylon.

Please find an exclusive link to the full album: http://modularmoods.com/YLoveAlbumTemporaryLink.html

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