Namond From the HBO TV Series The Wire

Namond From the HBO TV Series The Wire

HBO -The Wire, one of television’s most riveting and compelling drama series, is in it last and final season to the disappointment of fans everywhere. And for the first time in the 5 year series HBO has released a soundtrack titled: “The Wire: And All the Pieces Matter – Five Years of Music from The Wire” – Tuesday Jan. 8th, 2008.

Another exciting development coming out of The Wire, star Julito McCullum (Namond Brice) is gearing up for his rap career.

Taking on the moniker of Namond, he has been grinding in the studio working on an album that is expected to be released this summer.

Check out this new song “The Wire” that has already been serviced nationally to radio and DJ’s.

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  1. namond i am one of oyur biggest fans and illove that pony tail thaT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HARIR AND ILOVE YOUSOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCHnamond peace out booloveyah from your newfriend alyicaspringer

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