Free Download: ST/MIC Timeless Daimyo Choice Cuts Vol. 1

Free Download: ST/MIC “Timeless Daimyo Choice Cuts” Vol. 1

Intro (beat-STMiC/cuts Skruff)
ST/MiC – Verbal Mastery w/ The Unknown (beat/cuts by ST/MiC)
HeadStruck – Raw Skills (beat- Doc Bec)
JonJon a.k.a. Savage Mynd – P’s & Q’s (beat-Mudd/cuts-Ragz)
Jazz Addixx – Today’s Lesson (beat-Mudd/cuts-Ragz)
Primo The Cinematic – In Search Of (beat/cuts Ragz)
ST/MiC – Love Was Complicated w/ DutchMassive & Mudd (beat-Mudd/cuts-Ragz)
Mudd – Rise and Move (un-released from 2005- beat-Mudd)
Ollie Ox Grill – Ravioli w/ Distruck (beat-Distruck)
Ollie Ox Grill and Distruck – Show and Prove (beat-Distruck)
Jazz Addixx – Show Runners w/ Primo The Cinematic (beat-Mudd/cuts-Ragz)
Primo The Cinematic – Keep Building w/ Mudd (beat/cuts-STMiC)
The Unknown – Sunshine Rock (beat-TheUnknown)
T.A.M.U. – Hop To It (beat-STMiC)
ST/MiC – Unfold (beat/cuts-STMiC)
Bliss a.k.a. DanielThroughTheEscapeHatch – WMB (beat-Ali Thieves)
ST/MiC – Fresh 2 Def Version 1.5 (beat-The Unknown)
Ollie Ox Grill and Distruck – Concentration Camp (beat-Doc Bec)
T.A.M.U. – Marijuanalouge (beat-STMiC)
HeadStruck – Rap Out w/ ST/MiC (beat/cuts-STMiC)
Bliss a.k.a. DanielThroughTheEscapeHatch – I, Emcee (beat-Adept)
Ollie Ox Grill – Caged Birds (beat-The Unknown)
Primo The Cinematic – Divine Intervention (beat-Mudd/cuts-Skruff)
BeatBoxBoogie Outro – (beatboxing by Mudd & STMiC/cuts-STMiC)

Mixed by DJ Skruff | Artwork by EMIL

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ST/MIC “Life’s Work” coming soon on Domination Recordings!

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