Divine Intervention starring James Avery, Wesley Jonathan and Jazsmin Lewis. DVD In Stores 3/25

Divine Intervention is a comedy about a young, hip preacher who becomes the temporary pastor of a small fundamentalist Baptist church in Los Angeles when the long presiding pastor has to take an indefinite leave of absence after suffering a stroke. The handsome and stylish Reverend Robert Gibbs’ flashy and hip style of preaching is immediately embraced by members of the now growing congregation, but is frowned upon by his predecessor, the stern and traditional Reverend Matthews, who does not agree with Gibbs’ trendy tactics or the new commercialized direction in which the church is headed.

Coincidentally, Reverend Gibbs eventually stumbles upon a young lady who sparks his interest but presents a challenge to him. The young, lovely, and witty schoolteacher Divine, initially unbeknownst to Reverend Gibbs, is the daughter of Reverend Matthews and she has lost her faith in God due to losing her mother several years back to cancer. Reverend Gibbs tries to win her over while restoring her faith in God and steering clear of her dry humored and overly protective father in the process.

Reverend Matthews’ prospects of returning to the church eventually lessen and Reverend Gibbs moves closer to assuming a permanent role as pastor of the church. That is until he meets even stronger opposition in the jealous and scandalous Deacon Wells, who attempts to uncover some elements of Reverend Gibbs’ past which may prevent him from winning the seat of permanent pastor of the church and more importantly, a place in the heart of Divine. Divine Intervention is a funny, upbeat spiritual journey about romance, religion, and scandal that will succeed with the ever popular and abundant, urban churchgoing audience and general viewers will embrace it for its warmth, humor and controversy.

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