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Sean Diddy Combs issues a call to action for young voters to stand up and be counted on Super Tuesday

Sean Diddy Combs issues a call to action for young voters to stand up and be counted on Super Tuesday


Diddy Declares 2008 “The Year of the Youth Vote”

New York, NY—Diddy issued a challenge to young voters everywhere to finish what they started in the 2004 election and make their voice heard by turning out in force and casting their ballots in the two dozen Democratic and Republican primaries taking place on Tuesday, February 5th.

More than any other group of voters, young people are most directly affected by the issues at stake in this election. From the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to health care to the rising cost of a college education, young people need their voice to be heard, if there is going to be change on the critical issues.

“Thanks to your VOICE and your VOTE, the political candidates can no longer ignore your concerns about this country and your future. Young people are poised to continue the work that Citizen Change and other organizations started in 2004, when more than 20 million young people showed up at the polls and voted,” said Diddy. “In 2004, you waited in lines, you said enough was enough. And in 2008, you’ve inspired more young people get in the game.”

“Change will only be real when young people across this country go to the polls on Super Tuesday and in November and stand up and have their votes counted. This election is already historic because of who is running in it. It will gain a greater place in history because of who is voting in it.”

According to CIRCLE, voters age 18-29 account for 21% of the voting eligible population account for 20% of registered voters in this election. There are 32 million Millennial voters in the United States, who are spreading out across the political parties and winning their vote will be crucial to both determining each parties’ presidential nominee and who will ultimately become the next President of the United States.

Diddy will be announcing Citizen Change’s plan of action for the 2008 election in the coming months.

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