Soul Diggaz Production Sizzles On The Charts – Hits For Bow Wow & Omarion, Cheri Dennis and More!

Soul Diggaz Production Sizzles On The Charts – Hits For Bow Wow & Omarion, Cheri Dennis and More!

New York, NY — Since kicking off their career with powerhouse artists like Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott, the production team Soul Diggaz has swiftly become a dynamic part of today’s popular music. They are currently developing new artists through their own imprint deal with Timbaland’s Mosely Music, and they are enjoying chart success with Bow Wow & Omarion’s latest single “Hey Baby (Jump Off)” from the Face Off album, and the hot new single “Portrait Of Love” for Bad Boy songstress Cheri Dennis.

Additionally, Soul Diggaz were enlisted by Diddy to work on albums for all three of the groups in MTV’s Making The Band 4 series – Danity Kane, Day 26 and Donnie, and they just landed Donnie’s first single entitled “Take You There.”

Although they initially started as a duo, brothers K-Mack and Bless joined with songwriter Corte’ Ellis to create their own production one-stop for hit-seeking artists. In just the past five years, Soul Diggaz have worked on songs for the likes of Beyonce’, Keyshia Cole, Ashlee Simpson, Fantasia and Britney Spears.

They have also done many special projects including the Madonna and Missy Elliott Gap commercial, Beyonce’s L’oreal commercial, the theme song for the UPN show Eve and more.

After successful production deals with Mary J. Blige’s MJB Entertainment and Missy Elliott’s production company, Soul Diggaz landed their own imprint deal with Timbaland’s Mosely Music. They are currently developing Southern Hip Hop artist Izza Kizza, and the project promises to bring a futuristic creativity.

“You can describe Izza Kizza as Hip Hop/Pop, because he is not your typical Southern rapper with a bounce swag,” explains K-Mack. “He has more of a pop appeal like Andre 3000, Ludacris and Missy. We’re not doing the average rap records – we are doing more records catered to the left. Something that even the hipster crowds can vibe to, records that you have to listen to 3-4 times so you can really understand where he is coming from.”

In coming months, Soul Diggaz will be at the forefront of pop music with their work. In addition to Izza Kizza and the Making The Band 4 projects, they are also developing Corte’ Ellis’ debut album.

“We all look at it as fun,” says K-Mack. “Awards are nice, but I think it is the ability to stay relevant that really defines the success of a producer. Our unique style and the diversity of records that we make gives us an opportunity for true longevity in music.”

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