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The Knux – New Group Signed To Interscope Records

The Knux – New Group Signed To Interscope Records

The Knux are a self-produced group comprised of two brothers (Krispy and Al Millio) from New Orleans. They play all their own instrumentation and fight like The Kinks. Their debut album, Remind Me In 3 Days, sounds like Outkast, Juvenile, Tha Pharcyde, and The Strokes concurrently blasting, out of a drop-top Jag on Sunset Blvd. on a Saturday night in the summer. Wrap your head around that!!???

“When we made the album we refused to give the album to the label one song at a time,” says Krispy, who at 25 is the elder Knux brother. “We knew that they wouldn’t get it, they’d think we were buggin’ and they’d try to make us change things.” Instead, the two, who signed to Interscope in 2006 thanks to an incredible demo and manager Paul Rosenberg (Eminem’s manager) holed up in a mini-mansion in the Hollywood Hills and quietly chefed up Remind Me In 3 Days…. “We played it for all the executives at once,” remembers Al, “And you could see in their faces they were all shocked to hear something like this from some new artists that they barely even knew were on the label.”

Just as their recording came to a standstill the Knux were met with great misfortune: Hurricane Katrina. “We never evacuated when the hurricanes hit,” says Krispy, “But for whatever reason when Katrina hit we left with our mom to go to Dallas for the weekend. When we were driving back to New Orleans on the Monday all the cars were going the other direction. The radio wasn’t working, so we had no idea about the flood ‘til someone flagged us down and told us that we weren’t gonna’ be allowed into the city.” After a week of the entire family sleeping in their car, they relocated to Houston and found an apartment. “Man, we lost everything, our whole apartment building burned to the ground, says Krispy. “So we were grateful that everyone was okay, but we weren’t happy to be in Houston.”

Fortunately things looked up for the group when their demo fell into the hands of Paul Rosenberg’s A&R man Dart Parker, who brought the group to his attention. Over the next months Rosenberg signed on as their manager. “We weren’t doing anything in Houston,” says Krispy. “Because of Katrina and how unhappy we were in that city we weren’t inspired to make anything new. So the whole thing with Paul was a blessing.”

By the fall of 2006 the brothers had moved to the Hollywood Hills and begun the recording process. “Once we got out to L.A. there was just such a different vibe,” explains Al, “And we were going to all the downtown clubs with fuckin’ socialite girls and, like, the so-called hipsters, and guys like Steve Aoki. It was a totally different scene from what we were used to in New Orleans and the music we started making just reflected that.” The two wrapped the album during the summer of ’07 and hit the road hard. “We started by just inviting people over for house parties and performing the album on top of our couch,” says Al, “That’s how we knew what worked and what didn’t.” After a string of successful events at L.A. cool-guy emporiums the two got added as the opening act of Common’s Finding Forever tour.

With shows booked through the end of the year, and press clippings stacking up left and right—all without a single song available commercially—the ground swell is evident, and The Knux impact in 2008 is imminent. Act like you know. And if you forget, don’t worry, The Knux will Remind You In 3 Days…

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