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IIO – Rapture Reconstruction on Made Records

IIO – Rapture Reconstruction on Made Records

Rapture Reconstruction IIO album cover

Rapture Reconstruction: Where were you? You know, the first time you heard “Rapture” from iiO. Working up a sweat on the dancefloor of the hottest club? Driving down the freeway blasting your radio? Lying on the beach, overhearing it in the distance from someone’s summer boombox? Either way, as soon as that infectious hook kicked in you were hooked…an iiO junkie for life with no rehab on the horizon. We’ve heard your cries…you’ve just got to have more right? iiO is back to fulfill the craving that can’t be denied with “Rapture Reconstruction”. The incredible remixes that have made iiO a household name in clubs and on radios across the globe are all here for the first time ever on an enhanced double CD set (Reconstruction Disk & Classic Enhanced Disk) that includes the amazing talents of Deep Dish, Riva, plus the reigning king of dancefoors Paul Van Dyk. Not to be forgotten are the renditions by Creamer & K, and the #1 club version by the sought after Armin Van Buuren. Hang on though – the real showstopper here is the “Reconstruction Disk”, that contains the re-worked and re-recorded track that set it all off for iiO with two entirely different versions of uber remixer Starkillers, Friscia & Lamboy Hardware & Orue, and of course Made Record’s secret weapon – The Lametta Anthologies. Currently burning up clubs and radios everywhere, “Rapture Reconstruction” is the perfect reminder of what makes iiO so special – a look back and forward at the same time. Rapture Reconstruction perfectly captures the vibe and sound that helped propel iiO to the forefront of the dance world and still does so today.

Listen to iiO “Rapture” (Creamer & Stephane K Edit) from Raptrure Reconstruction: Platinum Edition

Listen to iiO “Rapture” (Riva Edit) from Raptrure Reconstruction: Platinum Edition

TRACK LISTING (Full Club Re-Mix Versions)
Disk One – Reconstruction Disk
01. Starkillers Dirty Girl Remix
02. Starkillers Undone Remix
03. Hardware & Orue Remix
04. Hardware & Orue Dub
05. Friscia & Lamboy Remix
06. Friscia & Lamboy Dub
07. Lametta Harmony Version
08. Lametta Made2Chill Version

Disk Two – Classic Enhanced Disk
01. Armin Van Buuren Remix
02. Paul Van Dyk Remix
03. Deep Dish Remix
04. Riva Remix
05. Creamer & K Remix
06. Aloud Remix
07. Soulside Remix
*Bonus Content:
Rapture Video – Limited Edit

* iiO has a rich history at Dance and Rhythm Crossover radio,
as the classic single “Rapture” has received over 70,000 radio
spins to date. 4 years after its successful chart run, this single still
receives an average of 150 spins per week at radio.
* The re-worked and re-recorded version, “Rapture Reconstruction”
has charted at # 3 in the Billboard Dance Charts. Previous
iiO singles “Kiss You” and “Is It Love” were staples of the format in
* The roots of the iiO sound was born in the clubs, and that is
where all iiO music is initially embraced. The new single “Rapture
Reconstruction” follows up the #1 Billboard Club smash “Is It
Love”, and is likely to meet with the same success as its predecessor.

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