Diddy goes to Hollywood to pursue his acting career!

Sean “Diddy” Combs, made his debut in his first starring role on Monday, February 25th in the reprised role of Walter Lee in a “Raisin in the Sun”. Ratings far exceeded expectations across every demographic. The movie’s impact produced huge numbers across varying ethnicities and spanned every age group. “Raisin in the Sun”, which featured Sean Combs and all-star cast Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Lathan and John Stamos, ranked #1 Monday night, allowing ABC to turn in its strongest night amongst viewers in 3 months. Raisin was TV’s highest-rated original movie since November 2005 among key demographic audiences. 12.7 Million viewers tuned in to see this revived classic.

Combs’ role received rave reviews

“Mr. Combs is commanding and fierce.”–New York Times

“The actor’s [Combs] blend of volatility, sweetness, pride, impotence and frustration registers beautifully.”– Chicago Sun Times

“[Combs]” turns in a heart breaking performance!” –Us Weekly (3.5 stars)

“You’ll Never Look at Sean Same Way Again!…”Combs does a great, great job…finds his place in the sun!”

–The New York Post

Combs is planning to be bi-coastal to focus on his acting career.

Combs says, “This has been a life changing experience for me. I love acting. In order to make movies, I have to be where the movies are being made”.

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