Lil Wil- “My Dougie”

“My Dougie, I’m Fresh”

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the next dance craze gripping Texas and beyond… “My Dougie” by Lil Wil.
Who is Lil Wil?/ What is a Dougie?

Name: Wil Martin
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Birthday: March
Label: RudeBowy Ent/Asylum
Influenced By: Lil’ Wayne, Andre 3000, Soulja Slim, Ceelo Green

Originally from New Orleans, Lil’ Wil has been perfecting his rhyme skills in the streets of Dallas, working with such notable artist as Tum Tum, Bun B, and Juvenile.

What is a “Dougie”? Wil says, “I was watching the movie Paid in Full and Cameron was tripping doing the old skool “Dougie” ala Dougie Fresh, and there is a dance we do in Dallas called the D-Town Boogie, so we put both moves together and that’s how we created My Dougie. It also means how freshly dressed or how fly u feel, like a fresh ass hair cut or a brand new pair of airforce ones, or yums.”
-Lil’ Wil

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