Pugs Atomz Cta radio 2 mixtape download (Chicago Hip Hop)

Free Download of Pugs atomz presents Cta Radio Vol.2 Mixed by Violator Allstar Mustafa Rocks
feat. New, Exclusive and Classic Chicago songs.


Cta radio was started in 1999 by Pugs Atomz, Thaione Davis, and Kevin Maxi. Over the years their show has grown to be one of the prominent College radio shows in Chicago, focusing on local talent and Hip Hop abroad. Cta Radio Volume 1 is also available
on Raptivism records. Listen to CTA Radio live every Wed. 9pm-12am (CDT) uncensored on www.whpk.org/stream

1.Pugs & Mustafa Rocks -Cta Vol. 2 Intro
2.Hall of fame -I wish
3.Mikkey -Chi Shit
4.Thaione Davis- Director’s cut
5.Common -Nuthin’ to do (Classic)
6.Drunken Monkeee -Be happy
7.Astonish -Can you hear me
8.Allegra Dee -The musics ok
9.Pugs Atomz -Go City (Exclusive)
10.Rashid Hadee -Pushers Feat.SINCERE,
11.Boardroom -Rebel(Renegade)
12.Eulorythmics-This morning (Exclusive)
13.Que Billah -So Nuts (Exclusive)
feat. Really Doe and Phil G
14.Kidz in the Hall _Drivin down the block
15.Masshysteria -Diamonds and pearls
Feat.Gravity & Juice
16.Awdazcate -Paid
17.Juice and the Machine- A day in the life
18.Cta Radio Interlude
19.Dug Infinite & No I.D. -Live (Classic)
20.Ivy League -Jamaican Carl (Exclusive)
21.Twista -No peace sign (Classic)
22.The Cool Kids -What it is
23.Just Flo -Good Time
24.Estelle feat. Kanye west -American Boy
25.Prime -pray for Karma (Exclusive)

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