Saint “Livin’ Phenomenons” Digi-12 now available!

Saint “Livin’ Phenomenons” Digi-12 now available!

It has been 4 years since MC/Producer Saint dropped his last solo effort, the critically acclaimed album “Grown Folk Music.” During that time, Saint has remained active as one half of the Good People (Saint and Emskee) who have released a string of essential releases in the US and abroad. Now Saint returns as a solo artist with his album “About Time” on Pro Se / Domination Recordings.

On the album’s first single “Livin’ Phenomenons” Saint trades lyrics with a respected hip hip veteran–Mr. Man of the Bush Babees, on top of an upbeat track which is energized by horns that sound like they were chopped off a song from the big band era. The vocals from both emcees ride the beat nicely and make for a unique track. As a bonus, the single includes a “Livin’ Phenomenons” remix by Canadian super producer Muneshine which tries to top the original version, while giving the listener a track with a completely different feel.

Saint once again calls on a hip hop veteran for the flip side–the album’s title track “About Time”–which features Dumi Right (of the legendary African Hip Hop outfit–and fellow Pro Se Recordings act, Zimbabwe Legit). The song is best described as a classic sounding hip hop beat with an infectious jazz guitar loop that rides smoothly on top of solid drums, a style sorely missed in hip hop today. Lyrically Saint and Dumi Right speak on the true importance of time–a cleverly placed vocal sample helping to bring home their points.

These tracks provide a taste of what is to come on the “About Time” LP, on which Saint is joined by an impressive cast of talented MC’s including El Da Sensei, Mr. Complex, Muneshine, Eternia, Emskee and Cadence (of Raw Produce)–who founded Pro Se Recordings to provide an outlet for intelligent well-produced hip hop with something to say. For listeners who have been awaiting the return of hip hop with substance, it’s “About Time.”

1. “Livin Phenomenons” feat. Mr. Man of Da Bush Babees
2. “About Time” feat. Dumi Right of Zimbabwe Legit
3. “Livin Phenomenons” (Muneshine Remix) feat. Mr. Man of Da Bush Babees

Download the single w/ cover art here

Saint’s full length album “About Time” in stores this Spring on Pro Se / Domination Recordings!

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