Zune Arts Launches New Podcast Series – Three Legged Leg’s Exclusive “Behind-the-Scenes: Piece of Me, Piece of You” Released Today

Zune Arts Launches New Podcast Series – Three Legged Leg’s Exclusive “Behind-the-Scenes: Piece of Me, Piece of You” Released Today

The magic and creativity of Zune Arts is now officially available through a new podcast series on the Zune Marketplace. The Zune Arts podcast is a weekly showcase of today’s most cutting edge cultural artists expressing themselves through film, music, design, illustration, and everything in between. The podcasts are available for free download, and fans can subscribe to automated feeds so the series is synced with their Zune devices. The weekly podcasts are a new way to enjoy archived Zune Arts material, and will also include exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes short films, artist interviews, and other fun content aimed at extending and enhancing the Zune Arts experience.

The latest addition to the Zune Arts podcast is called “Behind-the-Scenes: Piece of Me, Piece of You,” which features the production madness and creative genius that goes into the making of a Zune Arts film. In this latest piece, Greg, Reza and Casey of Three Legged Legs show us how it takes collaboration, innovation and copious amounts of felt to turn near life-sized puppets, created by artist Adam Parker Smith, into mad, pop-locking zombies. This marks the Three Legged Legs trio’s first foray into the world of puppetry, but the crew has previously cut their directorial teeth with animation for Sony Vaio, Amp Energy Drink and various independent endeavors.

The behind-the-scenes podcast is available in advance of the upcoming “Piece of Me, Piece of You” Zune Arts film, which features musical duo Chromeo’s “Fancy Footwork” as the backing track to this surreal and frighteningly imaginative piece that demonstrates how sharing can lead to infectious forms of self-expression and discovery. As Reza explains “we’re shooting a bunch of zombie puppets attacking each other and infecting each other with dance, all over a Chromeo track, which is hot!” The “Piece of Me, Piece of You” film will premiere on the Zune Arts website April 1, and the behind-the-scenes podcast released today will give fans a fun taste of what to look forward to.

Zune Arts brings the best creative minds together to collaborate on inspiring works of art under the Zune brand themes of sharing, connectivity, discovery, and friendship. Zune Arts is continuously growing, ever-evolving, and always open to new voices, influences and ideas.

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