There’s No Stopping NYCE Da Future – New Mixtape “38 In The Head” hosted by DJ Whoo Kid due for release April 8th

There’s No Stopping NYCE Da Future – New Mixtape “38 In The Head” hosted by DJ Whoo Kid due for release April 8th

QUEENS, New York, (March 27, 2008)- THAT’S RIGHT all you true Hip-Hop fanatics; it’s about that time again, another musical masterpiece for those with a taste and an ear for authentic street music. And you know what that means, a new release from everybody’s favorite up-and-comer (or soon to be favorite) NYCE Da Future.

Now, don’t get too excited, as this is not yet the release of his highly anticipated debut album “Top Dollar” which is due to drop in September of this year. Rather, it is another mixtape that’s at the quality of an album. As one may already know, NYCE never seizes to amaze his listeners by releasing mixtapes worthy of serious buzz. His newest, which will be releases for the hands of anyone craving a revival of Hip-Hop as an art form, will be available April 8th. Mark your calendars boys and girls, cause “38 In The Head” is not a mixtape anyone should go without owning.

The mixtape, hosted by the one and only DJ Whoo Kid, features music from all of the members of NBK, NYCES’ self selected entourage of rappers, which includes Philthy, Strike Sinatra, B. Serious and Eyes Low. Also included on tracks are Kool G Rap, and G-Units very own Hot Rod. For those more concerned with the actual music, you can expect to hear beats produced by Chinky P, Phoenix, Baby Brother Music, Magnedo7, Havoc of Mobb Deep, and APEX Productions whom you may recognize as the people behind 50 Cent’s hit song “I Get Money”.

With a new endorsement deal from “KASHI KICKS” and his own line of sneakers coming out under the company by the name of, get this, “Da Futures”, NYCE is working on making his mark on every part of the Hip-Hop culture and industry. Yet music will ALWAYS be his number one priority. He’s working on multiple projects in ’08, which both fans and critiques can look forward to seeing in coming months.

Following the April 8th release of “38 In The Head”, you can get another dose of NYCE on Prodigy’s album “H.N.I.C. 2”, due for release on April 22nd of 2008. The bonus track is called “Get Trapped” and features Un Pacino and production by Havoc. Thereafter there will be the digitally distributed “NBK Compilation Volume I”, a compilation album featuring all of the artists of NBK brought to you by “Shake ‘Em Down Music”. The album will be available to purchase on all major digital music stores including iTunes and Rhapsody, this album not to be confused with the NBK mixtape, “Hood Certified”, which is scheduled for a release date this coming summer. All works leading up to the release of his first, yet far from amateur, album in September. -Athena C.

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