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Alicia Keys – The Diary Of… review

Alicia Keys – The Diary Of… review

I rarely purchase CD’s, let that be known. Do I download material? Rarely. But, because of MVRemix I receive all I’d want to Alicia Keys - The Diary Of... reviewhear. There was only one exception, I didn’t receive this. After being familiar with Alicia’s previous material, I couldn’t help but be intrigued to hear what Alicia would come along with for her sophmore effort.

Being of the opposite sex, Alicia’s material is easy to enjoy, but not personally appropriate to sing along to. To help accentuate her material, Alicia is very direct in her feelings. She uses “he” rather than “you” and so, as a male fan, I don’t find myself singing along too much. However, I do enjoy listening to her sing.

Seldomly do I hear a singer so captivating that I have to listen. Alicia comes under one of those seldom experiences. Her voice and passion are exceptionally conveyed through her music.

Enlisting some larger producers (Timbaland and Kanye West for example), Alicia helps put forth a signature sound. The contemporary feel that she presents with “Harlems Nocturne” and “Karma” are as enveloping as “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You Don’t Know My Name.” The feel she presents can’t help but make the listener smile.

The album’s best track comes in the form of the title track; “Diary” featuring none other than Tony Toni Tone. The quiet and soft piano which introduces the song weaves its way through the entire piece and sits beautifully beneath Alicia and Tony Toni Tone. The content is strong and well written.

In essence, “The Diary Of Alicia Keys” is a perfectly enjoyable sophmore album. I wish more artists were on the same level as Ms. Keys in terms of singing talent and content.

Alicia Keys – The Diary Of… review

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