Ghostface Killah More Fish review

Ghostface Killah More Fish review

Any objective Wu Tang fan will tell you that no other member has had a better solo career than Mr. Tony Starks. Maybe Meth has more charisma, the GZA is sharper with the sword or The Chef can cook it up better but all three can’t match the Ghostface Killah More Fish reviewconsistency of Ghostface. After releasing an album of the year candidate with Fishcale, Ghost is back to close out 2006 with the equally impressive More Fish.

Gone are the skits that sometimes slowed Fishcale and in their place are more gritty narratives and witty non sequiturs that show Ironman cannot be duplicated. His unique style is fully displayed on the opening track “Ghost is Back” (sampled from Rakim’s “Know the Ledge”) and the noise filled “Blue Armour” featuring Sheek with Ghost ripping the mic with lines like “I’m a fisherman I own this like / When I catch fish I fry em to their backside flake / I smash you all motherfuckers like a seedless grape / And hang niggaz like some ceiling fans and K-Mart drapes” over some dirty drum lines courtesy of his mask-wearing friend.

When he is not spitting his curious couplets, Tony Starks is a gifted ghetto story teller penning classics like “All That I Got is You” that will bring even the hardest of the hard to tears. On the Hi-Tek produced “Josephine”, featuring Trife Da God and the soulful singing of the Willie Cottrell Band, Ghost further demonstrates his knack for touching hearts with sad stories of young girls turning into fiends. His softer side spits,

“Infatuated by the life of dope fiends and crack pushers
Prostituting for old pimps who mack hookers
Putting dope in the cooker, searching for a vein
Tracks all over her arm, she never felt the pain
The monkey on her back is now a gorilla
Fiending for hit knowin’ one day it is going to kill her
The clinic didn’t help
She’s just another young black woman destroying her pretty image and her health
It got me thinking to myself damn how could this happen
I seen her on the corner nodding off sniffing and scratchin’”

After those lyrics are digested, Ghost steps aside to let Trife Da God shine on his solo cut “Grew Up Hard” and he almost steals the show from the album’s host, which is no easy task on an album filled with guest appearances including the hard to find Redman. There are times when More Fish seems more like a posse album rather than a Ghostface album but he is able to maintain his strong presence while also allowing the other members of Theodore Unit to get some exposure and even shares the booth with his oldest seed, Sun God, on the dark “Street Opera”.

Compiled mostly of “left overs” from Fishcale, Ghost has another album of the year candidate with More Fish. In an era when most rappers struggle to produce one quality album in every two years, Ghost has no problem blessing fans with two in eight months. Tony Starks is still deserving of the title of most consistent member of Wu Tang but maybe its time to give him The Crown because no one is matching his consistency.

Ghostface Killah More Fish review

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