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Method Man – Tical 2000 review

Method Man – Tical 2000 review

It’s the album you’ve all been waiting for, four long years in the making and finally it’s here. You’ll find out how annoyed Meth Method Man Tical 2000 reviewgot with all the bugging around the album by listening to the many skits it has. One, which features Russell Simmons shout about Meth not releasing anything. Ed Lover and Donald Trump also get on some skits to moan or prod the Method Man to release some more sh*t.

I was one of the few who enjoyed the pre-album single ‘Judgement Day’/’Dangerous Ground.’ Most only enjoyed ‘Dangerous Ground,’ although he re-used his verse from the collaboration with Texas. I had high hopes for this album and on the whole my hopes were met. I am sorry to say (aimed only at Daz fans) that the original rumour that Daz Dillinger would be involved in production was wrong.

The actual album is flooded with guest appearances; from Left Eye to Redman, you tend not to find too many solo efforts here, however, in some aspects this is a good thing. Street Life, a Wu-Tang affiliated emcee puts in a load of appearances, some of which outshine Meth, most memorably so on ‘Grid Iron Rap.’

‘Elements’ features two guests, which you may not recognize; Polite and Star. Polite is a Wu-Tang affiliate that is always in the shout-outs but we never hear from him, in Polite’s case because he was in prison. Star is one of the members of the Shaolin Soldiers.

Diversity is here. ‘Break Ups 2 Make Ups’ features D’Angelo and is basically a ‘commercial’ rn’b cut with little cursing. We could have done without the woman bitching in the middle of the song. Another track, which stuck out was ‘Sweet Love.’ The track features CappaDonna and Street Life and in essence is a track about sex. No review of this album would qualify as a review without mentioning ‘Retro Godfather.’ This cut is one of the albums most original (beat wise) taking some 70’s style music and having Meth do his thing over it.

Although I got pretty annoyed when I kept hearing him re-using lines from other verses, this is an album which Meth will be compared to in future. Everybody knows he can rhyme, a definite purchase for Wu fans.

Method Man – Tical 2000 review

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