Various Artists – RZA Hits

Various Artists - RZA HitsWu-Tang clan has been a giant force in hip-hop. Both of their group albums have gone platinum and all of their solo works have gone at least gold. Wu-Tang has the greatest following in the music world right now that anything that shares the Clan name sells. Every one in affiliation with Wu has had extreme success. Many have credited this following success and following to their main producer, RZA. He has worked on just about every Wu release to this date. This album isn’t exactly RZA’s greatest performances but his best beats.

Don’t expect any new material on this CD, there’s is nothing new here. The album serves as a taste of Wu-Tang’s flavor with 2 joints from ’36 chambers’ and the most popular songs from the Wu solo cd’s. ODB is featured with maybe the 2 best joints from his LP ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ and ‘Brooklyn Zoo.’

RZA’s Greatest Hits contains popular posse cuts from solo lps/soundtracks for example, Ghostface’s ‘Winterwarz’ and Raekwon’s ‘Ice Cream.’ RZA is rarely featured on his own wax. He only appears on 3 songs out of the 18.

This CD only really fails because their isn’t any new material at all. It will only really be beneficial to new fans of Wu-Tang. Every song on this disc is dope and are classics in my book.

If you would like Wu-Tang’s best spend 15 dollars and cop this. It would not be fair to call this RZA’s greatest hits when in fact it’s more of a Wu-Tang hit collection. Still a nice release for Wu collectors.

Various Artists – RZA Hits

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