Various Artists – Slam OST review

Various Artists - Slam OST review‘Slam’ – the film. Can someone inform me of the plot because I’m clueless about it. Anyway I’m not a film critic. ‘Sex, Money & Drugs’ by Big Punisher featuring Next begins the soundtrack for us. The track isn’t too bad however it seems that Pun isn’t as enthusiastic as he usually is when he raps, a line which stuck in my mind was “Orally remove your Tampax” I mean Pun we know you ain’t a player and you just ‘crush’ a lot but really do you wanna be doing that? Anyway, seeing as this is a soundtrack and there are various artists, I’m gonna give you roughly a blow by blow account.

Highlights –
The Goodie Mob featuring Esthero track ‘The World I Know’ is a track which most of you will dislike, I can say that with very little doubt in my mind. However, I thought it was good. I think Goodie Mob are brilliant and Cee-Lo has a great voice.

‘Thug Poetry’ is really nice when it comes to beats and lyrically it is quite good too surprisingly but still CNN were really dope so, maybe Noreaga is becoming like he used to be once again.

I have to say that ‘Hey’ isn’t too bad, as always Q-Tip is very mellow on the cut but still that’s what we all love about his style isn’t it ?

‘Sellin’ D.O.P.E.’ by Dead Prez, kind of relaxed beats and rapping with a nice Nate Dogg style chorus makes this some sweet ish.

‘Time Is Running Out’ Brand Nubian. Dope. That’s all I have to say about that track. Plainly and simply dope! Their back and hopefully they’ll stay like this doing some phat cuts here and there, I’m glad to say that their reunion was a very, very good idea.

‘Take A Walk In My Shoes’ Flipmode Squad, I seem to be feeling everything they put out so I’m kind of annoyed that their album didn’t sell as much as it should have but that’s life. This track describes basically how they live etc. and it is done over some dope cuts, the track features Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Rampage, Baby Sham and Rah Digga unfortunately Lord Have Mercy isn’t here but the others perform really well to compensate for it.

‘Ocean Within’ KRS-One with Saul Williams, now this is a cut which you can be proud of, it isn’t one of those tracks that you will love to dance or bop your head to but it’s a lyrically dope track, Saul Williams flows well, KRS does the same as always. Saul sings and he (if you listen carefully) can evoke deep thoughts with this.

Lowlights – ‘I Dare You’ to go away from me, please! I have to say that I have liked Black Rob since day one but that singer that sings “I Dare You” has one of the worst voices I’ve heard, I hate it and I repeatedly find myself skipping that track due to him. And don’t get me started on ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ by Most Wanted featuring Pras and the Product – remember I said don’t get me started therefore meaning the track is wack.

‘The Park’ Firstly I want to put a restraining on ODB and his mind, they both seem kind of messed up. This includes this track, him and Coolio. That was a big mistake, ODB is pitiful “Doin’ it at the park, doin’ it la la la, oh yeah” he wails out and his rhyme makes me feel sorry for the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan with having to be affiliated with him n’ all, and Coolio, sorry but you weren’t any better.

‘Feel My Gat Blow’ Mobb Deep. I feel that this set of beats mixed with Mobb Deeps lyrics makes it really hard to distinguish an opinion on, but in the end it has to be said that it isn’t what I’m used to, we all know that unless things are brilliant when they change that nobody likes change, and, this isn’t brilliant.

‘I Can See’ Tekitha featuring CappaDonna. Tekitha vs Blue Raspberry who would win ? Blue Raspberry of course, I really don’t like her too much. I have given what I’ve heard from her a chance even though she disappointed me every step of the way. And CappaDonna isn’t any good on this really either. So two Wu cuts on this CD and two weak ones at that !

‘Galactic Funk’ DJ Spooky, you’ve spooked me out with this, I suppose you want this to come off as a dope DJ cut well a DJ cut it is dope? I’m not too sure about that, good yeah but not well enough to be a highlight.

There are some samples off of the film too included on the CD but out of a whole host of potential perfection you get a little bit of actual perfection.

Various Artists – Slam OST review

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