Kanye West – Homecoming video featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay

Kanye West – Homecoming video

featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay

“Homecoming” is a track where Kanye West, the rap legend, teams up with Chris Martin from Coldplay. You can find it on Kanye’s album “Graduation” from 2007. The song’s all about Kanye’s love for his hometown of Chicago, digging into stuff like memories, fame, and personal growth.

The “Homecoming” music video dropped in 2008 and was directed by Hype Williams. It’s a mix of animation and real-life action. The animation part was done by Bill Plympton, who’s known for his cool hand-drawn style.

In the video, you’ll see Kanye in animated form, wandering through different scenes that represent Chicago. Chris Martin pops up in live-action parts. The animation blends with reality, giving the video a mix of nostalgia and a hometown celebration vibe.

The tag team of Kanye West and Chris Martin, along with the artistic visuals, added a lot to the impact of “Homecoming.” For the latest on the music video or any new releases, hit up music video platforms, official artist sites, or trusted sources that keep up with music and pop culture.

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