DON DIABLO SIGNS UNIQUE GLOBAL DEAL WITH SONY BMG Artist and major record company agree on landmark deal

DON DIABLO SIGNS UNIQUE GLOBAL DEAL WITH SONY BMG Artist and major record company agree on landmark deal

SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT BENELUX is proud to announce, after more than a year of negotiations, that they have signed a unique global full rights deal with Amsterdam-based superstar producer and artist Don Diablo. The two parties have agreed on a deal that will go down as unprecedented in the history of Dutch music, both in size and magnitude.

The deal involves a strong commitment on investing in Don Diablo’s international recording career and expanding all his other activities, such as merchandise, sponsoring, mobile, digital and his live performances.

2007 saw Don Diablo doing over 250 sold-out shows as a performing artist, while as a remixer he participated in the prestigious Public Enemy “Bring the Noise / Give it Up” remix project. Furthermore, he also did remixes for such diverse artists as The Young Punx, Newton Faulkner and Kraak & Smaak. Don Diablo has a unique sound that sets him apart from other artists. His music is a refreshing blend of musical styles; rock, electro, and hip hop are the main ingredients. In addition, Don Diablo proved to be hot in more ways than one in 2007: one of his music videos got nominated for an MTV award in the category “Best Music Video 2007”, he was voted “Best Dressed Man Of The Year” by Esquire Magazine, and ranked no. 15 in Cosmopolitan’s “100 Hottest Men Alive” list, while also being named “Most Popular Dutch DJ” at the GKA Awards, as well as storming the charts with several hit singles. Last, but not least, Don Diablo also proved his ability as an A&R by discovering, singing and then licensing the U.K. top 3 chart hit “Exceeder” by Mason.

Don Diablo comments on the deal:

“I have been courted by several majors, major independents and venture capitalists from all over the world over the last few years, but the deals offered just never seemed to be quite right. Retaining complete artistic freedom has always been a very high priority on my list and nothing was going to change that. Major record companies can be very suffocating for artistic freedom. I have worked extremely hard the last couple of years to do things my way. Increased popularity and visibility as a performing artist allowed me to make completely irrational, but fulfilling creative decisions as an artist. With this deal, SONYBMG grants me complete artistic freedom and the possibility to sign new acts to my own imprint, while providing me with sufficient financial backing. SONYBMG has expressed a lot of confidence in my creativity and ability to achieve great things. It is a big step for me, but I feel SONYBMG will be able to give me that last push that I need as an independent artist. Together we can no doubt conquer the world. I really didn’t expect to sign with a major, but what can I say, my mum always told me: it’s better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven!”


“We are extremely happy to have signed Don Diablo. We feel that SONYBMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is the right choice for an artist such as Don Diablo since we are now and in the near future developing into a music entertainment company that offers a wider range of activities and services to artists in order to create a loyal fan base and strong artist brands. Don Diablo is an extremely talented musician, an undeniable style icon as well as a four deck dj wizard, making him a unique hybrid artist! We feel Don Diablo is the ultimate Dutch artist, who has the potential to become an international superstar.”

Don Diablo’s forthcoming artist album (work title: Respect Doesn’t Pay the Bills) is scheduled for fall 2008.

As per company policy, terms of the deal will not be disclosed.

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