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Van Hunt to Perform Live at S.O.B.’s//Rare Solo Performance

Van Hunt to Perform Live at S.O.B.’s//Rare Solo Performance

Tuesday April 29th S.O.B.’s Presents: VAN HUNT

On Tuesday, April 29th, S.O.B.’s presents Grammy award-winning R&B singer Van Hunt for a rare solo performance. Van Hunt first hit the mainstream music scene with a self-titled album that The New York Times described it as “the perfect soundtrack for any seduction”. S.O.B.’s has long been New York’s premier venue for R&B and neo-soul, having served as the launch pad for the careers of such stars as John Legend, Erykah Badu and Raheem DeVaughn and the venue continues to present the best that the soulful genre has to offer with this performance by the incomparable Van Hunt.

Van Hunt is originally from the Midwest and the influence of Motown and the influences of that era are immediately recognizable when talking about his music. Van Hunt grew up with a soundtrack of classic soul and contemporary R&B as the backdrop and eagerly immersed himself in the tones and moods of it all. He sets himself apart from a lot of other R&B acts today by being a skilled multi-instrumentalist who is also a prolific songwriter. Hunt has toured and appeared on stage with acts such as Kanye West, Alicia Keys & Coldplay to name a few.

On Tuesday, April 29th, Van Hunt comes to S.O.B.’s for a rare solo performance that the audience is sure to remember.

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