CTE Presents Bloodraw EPK

CTE Presents Bloodraw EPK

EPK of Bloodraw’s “My Life A True Testimony”

Directed by Clay Patrick McBride
Edited by FAFU
Crow Magnum Films

BloodRaw, whose real name is Bruce Falson, is an American rapper from Panama City, Florida. He is associated with the rap group U.S.D.A. (United Streets Dopeboys of America), which was formed by Young Jeezy. BloodRaw gained recognition as a member of this group and for his affiliation with Jeezy’s CTE World (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) label.

Here are some key points about BloodRaw:

Early Life and Background: BloodRaw was born on April 17, 1975, in Panama City, Florida. He grew up in a rough environment and had experiences that influenced his music, particularly his portrayal of street life.

Music Career: BloodRaw’s music career took off when he signed with Young Jeezy’s CTE World label. He became a member of the U.S.D.A. group, which also included Young Jeezy and Slick Pulla. The group released their debut album, “Cold Summer,” in 2007. The album received attention for its gritty lyrics and portrayal of street life.

Solo Work: In addition to his work with U.S.D.A., BloodRaw pursued a solo career. He released several mixtapes, including “My Life: The True Testimony” and “Indictment Papers.” These mixtapes showcased his lyrical style and storytelling ability, often focusing on his experiences in the streets and the realities of his upbringing.

Album Release: BloodRaw released his debut solo album, “My Life: The True Testimony,” in 2008. The album featured collaborations with artists like Rick Ross and Mannie Fresh. It explored themes of struggle, survival, and street authenticity.

Criminal History: BloodRaw’s life experiences have been marked by his involvement in criminal activities. He has been open about his past, which has influenced his music and persona.

Legacy: While BloodRaw might not have achieved mainstream commercial success on the level of some of his peers, he remains respected within the hip-hop community for his raw and authentic storytelling. His music often delves into the harsh realities of street life and the challenges he faced growing up.

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