9th Wonder & Buckshot HOLD IT DOWN featuring Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods Video Treatment

9th Wonder & Buckshot “HOLD IT DOWN” ft. Talib Kweli and Tyler Woods Video Treatment

(Created by Dru Ha)

This music video will examine 3 different perspectives of struggle for 3 different individuals (Buckshot, Talib & 9th Wonder) and how they all intersect within the same environment. We open on Buckshot walking down the street. He sees a Bootlegger on the corner of the street. Upon further inspection he finds the Bootlegger selling Duck Down CDs. Buckshot confronts the Bootlegger which sparks an argument drawing the attention of cops on patrol. The cops, seeing the potential altercation, rush the scene letting the bootlegger get away and wrongfully apprehending Buckshot. Buckshot is visually upset, aggressively pleading his case but the cops aren’t listening and physically haul him away into their vehicle without explanation.

Cut to Talib Kweli ready for work. He’s wearing a suit and tie and has just entered his new BMW vehicle. Inside his car, Talib Kweli notices a patrol car signaling for him to pull over. As the cops approach his window, Talib calmly explains that he’s a city lawyer late for work. The cops aren’t having it. They ask him to step out of the car and frisk him. Talib doesn’t retaliate but his reactions are ice cold. Talib’s verse will take place during this scene.

Cut to 9th Wonder inside of an office building. He’s on line by the security section. When it’s his turn, the security guard asks to see his ID. 9th Wonder explains that he’s running late for work. The security guard is annoyed and tells him to stand aside so other people can walk through. A white woman walks by and is not asked to show any identification. 9th Wonder reacts to this. The hook will take place during this scene.

Cut to a White Male getting dressed for work in an upscale Mid-town Manhattan apartment. He fixes his tie, puts on his coat and checks himself out in a long mirror. The man then exits his bedroom and the viewer sees his son on the couch using a computer. The camera pans to the right so the son’s computer screen is in focus. The son is illegally uploading a 9th Wonder & Buckshot track to Rapidshare.com. Pan up to the father saying goodbye to his son; playfully messing up his hair and seeming proud that his boy is working on the computer.

(Court Room Scene)

As the final chorus hits we enter a courtroom. Inside are all 4 of our characters from each storyline. Buckshot is the defendant led into the room by a cop. Talib Kweli is Buckshot’s defense attorney and looks at him with re-assuring eyes. The White Male is in fact the prosecutor for the case. His son, the illegal downloader, is in fact the only who had committed any type of crime or wrong doing on this day.

9th Wonder bangs his gavel and all rise as the Judge presides over the hearing. All of them look at each other with a sense of understanding.

Hold it down

Featured on 9th Wonder & Buckshot’s “FORMULA” album in stores April 29th

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