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HOOKED: The Legend Of Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell On ESPN Classic

HOOKED: The Legend Of Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell On ESPN Classic


“One Of The Best Basketball Players Never To Make It To The NBA” – Gary Payton

Directed By: Michael Skolnik & William O’Neill

Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell, the first film out on FADER Films, will air on ESPN Classic this Saturday, May 3rd at 2PM. Be sure to tune in and catch the compelling documentary of how the legendary “Hook” Mitchell became the greatest basketball player to never make the NBA.



Oakland, California is the birthplace to more NBA basketball stars than any other city in the country.
But there is a street ball legend named DEMETRIUS “HOOK” MITCHEL who rises above them all.

At 5’9″, he built his legendary street status by jumping over the top of a Volkswagon and slam dunking a basketball. As NBA superstar Jason Kidd puts it, “he could jump over a building.”

Gary Payton, another NBA superstar and childhood friend asserts, “he was better than me, he was better than Jason (Kidd), Antonio (Davis), he was better than everybody.”

But while Hook’s childhood friends, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Antonio Davis, Brian Shaw, J.R. Rider and Greg Foster all ended up playing basketball in the NBA, Hook ended up incarcerated.

From the drug and crime infested streets of West Oakland to the California Men’s Penal Colony, Hook made all the wrong choices.

The story of how “Hook” wound up incarcerated, while the buddies he grew up with skyrocketed to superstardom with multi-million dollar salaries, is told in this poignant tale of a life gone wrong.

“Hook” Mitchell is the greatest basketball player to never make it to the NBA.

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