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Open Grave signs Mizfit the Menace New full length album to be delivered Halloween ’08 Mizfit the Menace ALLENTOWN, PA

Open Grave signs Mizfit the Menace New full length album to be delivered Halloween ’08 Mizfit the Menace ALLENTOWN, PA

Open Grave signs Mizfit the Menace New full length album to be delivered Halloween ’08 Mizfit the MenaceALLENTOWN, PA

Open Grave Records is proud to announce their latest signing, Mizfit the Menace : Master of the Macabre. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the rapper combines brutal and grotesque, yet intelligent rhyming, with a love for the dark gothic underworld, and already has three self released albums under his belt, the most recent work being entitled “Hell in the Hood”. This signing marks a significant change in direction for the label that had been being discussed for a long while prior. Open Grave Records President and CEO James Mattern was quoted as saying, “We’ve been talking about diversifying the label for some time. Mizfit had been in touch with me for a while, and I just felt that if we’re going to diversify lets do it in a way nobody would expect.” No one is more aware of the magnitude involved in the diversification of the label than Mizfit himself. He is quoted as saying “Heavy and gothic bands are my favorite types of music, and these influences come through in my writing, which you’ll hear. Rapping is a natural talent of mine, so I decided to combine the two. I came across Open Grave Records wondering if I’d fit in well with their current roster. It was a shot in the dark, but it ended up working out. I’m confident in the people behind the label, and trust that they can give my music the exposure I feel it deserves”. Fans can expect a new album to be released shortly before Halloween of this year.
For now you can still download free of charge Mizfits latest album titled, “Hell in tha Hood” from his myspace page at:


As a child, the artist we know as Mizfit the Menace : Master of the Macabre spent the first years of his life wandering the streets of Brooklyn, NY, wallowing deep in the blood of others. Inspired by the most grotesque of horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13th, and having a love for dark and gothic music, as well as rap, the most influential of these being the artists that were pioneers of dark, and grotesque lyrics. So it was almost natural that killing was his passion, murdering those closest to him at a very young age, and slaughtering for pleasure on a regular basis. He didn’t choose to follow the norms set by the environment he grew up in, although it did have a heavy influence on him. He was extremely intelligent, and his methods of killing varied, sometimes slicing the victim’s throats open and drinking their blood, other times disemboweling them and watching them die a long slow death, to make them feel what he feels on a regular basis. However no murderer can commit the perfect crime forever, and his misdeeds would eventually lead to him ending up incarcerated in Bellevue Hospital, a New York City prison for the criminally insane. The doctors came up with diagnosis after diagnosis, but none of them could figure out why he was the way he was. Years passed, and Mizfit spent the majority of his time in the insane asylum locked away in solitary confinement, the only contact with humans coming in the form of 3 meals a day being delivered through his cell door. He spent his years in prison with a pen and a notebook, releasing all his pent up anger through writing page after page of lyrics dealing with bloodshed, murder, horror, and darkness.
Finally, at the age of eighteen, Mizfit was released from prison, and he vowed to devote the rest of his life to letting the world know of his rage. He found he had a talent for rhyming , and decided to use it to his advantage. So Mizfit spent his days listening to the gothic metal music that reflected the state of darkness he idolized and lived in such as Within Temptation, Marilyn Manson, and others, and his nights were spent creating his own depraved “horror movie” out of the anguished words and music that he had written in his notebook. The homicidal thoughts he had spent so much time writing about turned into 3 albums worth of compositions, and Mizfit decided that he wanted the world to know his thoughts, because if he couldn’t kill, he needed an outlet for his anger in some form. The masses embraced his work, and told him that he could make a career out of it. Not long afterwards, he came across Open Grave Records, and sent them a message asking them to listen to his work. They liked what they heard, and a deal was signed. And to the present day, Mizfit the Menace – Master of the Macabre is still writing those dark and grotesque poems expressing all his anguish and misanthropy, seeking vengeance upon the world that failed to understand him at a young age.

The story of Open Grave Records begins in mid-2006 when metal enthusiasts James and Meghan Mattern took an Entrepreneurial venture into the music business together. They built the entire label essentially from the ground up, and what was once a small, independent web-based record label has today grown to a catalog of over 30 releases that can be found in major and independent retailers across North America, Great Britain, and Australia via BCD and Plastic Head Distribution, and through an agreement reached with The Orchard, our titles are now available for legal download at sites including I-Tunes, E-Music, Rhapsody, Napster, and others. In addition, several thousand more titles are available through the associated online web store.

In evolving as a label, Open Grave Records is currently celebrating our 2 year anniversary, and our mission as a label has not changed from the day we signed our first band two years ago. We will provide our artists with an outlet for their music and help them reach higher levels within the recording industry by supporting their career decisions, implementing publicity campaigns in radio, magazines, and television, and not cutting into the artist’s merchandising. Our goal is to gain the trust of both the artists signed to us, and our fans. We will always release a quality product, and we would like to see everyone that picks up an OGR release to be happy with their purchase and support our continued efforts at growth and expansion.

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