Saul Willams Niggy Tardust to be Release in Stores

Saul Willams’ amazing album The Inevitable Rise and Fall of Niggy Tardust is being released in stores June 24th. This version has 5 tracks not on the digital version, (4 produced by Trent Reznor and “List of Demands”).

FADER Label Releases “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! On Disc And Limited Edition Vinyl – June 24th 2008;
Contains Bonus Tracks; Produced By Trent Reznor/NIN

New York, NY: The FADER Label, the recording branch of The FADER, today announced Saul Williams’ critically acclaim album, The Inevitable Rise And Liberation of NiggyTardust! will be nationally available in stores on June 24th 2008 as well as online outlets. The record will be available through SONY/RED Distribution and contains five previously unreleased tracks. A limited edition vinyl pressing may also be purchased and contains a free download on the album.

Produced by Trent Reznor, the album was hailed by Rolling Stone as “arresting and intelligent.” Jon Pareles of The New York Times praises the album, “[NiggyTardust’s] sense of impending mayhem harks back to Public Enemy at its peak.”

Saul Williams, respected for both politically charged poetry as well as his influential music style, recently released “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!” online through While breaking the traditional record label mold, The FADER Label offered listeners the choice to pay for the high quality audio files or download the tracks for free. All versions are 100% DRM free include a PDF with artwork and lyrics.

“It was a wildly successful experiment,” says Williams regarding the decision to previously release the record online for free. “I’m very pleased I was able to reach over 200,000 fans. I think this physical release continues to push the boundaries set forth by NiggyTardust and I excited to offer my fans a continuation the record.”

After just completing a two-month headlining US tour, Saul is currently on the road in Europe and plans to hit the festival circuit this summer in the states with performances highlighted by Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot, and more. Additionally, “List of Demands” was featured as the focal point for Nike’s recent “My Better” campaign and Saul’s fan base continues to reach new heights.


1. Black History Month
2. Convict Colony
3. Tr(n)igger
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Break
6. Niggy Tardust
7. DNA
8. WTF!
9. Scared Money
10. Raw
11. Skin of a Drum
12. No One Ever Does
13. Banged and Blown Through
14. Raised to be Lowered
15. The Ritual


16. Pedagogue of Young Gods
17. World on Wheels
18. Can’t Hide Love
19. Gunshots by Computer
20. List of Demands (Reparations) ·

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