Opio – Some Superfly Sh!t audio

Opio – Some Superfly Sh!t audio

In celebration of Opio’s highly anticipated sophomore album Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 1, Opio is busting out of the gates with some tasty tidbits for his hungry fans. The first single and video from his album is “Some Superfly Sh!t,” a playful track that announces Opio’s comeback. In a nod to Opio’s love for short punk rock songs, the track comes in at under two minutes. Backed by a “band” whose members are all played by album producer The Architect, Opio rhymes over a funky bass line, keys, and turntable scratches. Video director Justin Herman imagines what Opio’s “Some Superfly Sh!t” would look like as a comic book. Juxtaposing Opio over comic book images and brightly colored graphics, Opio’s words literally come alive.

The Background:

As a teen, Opio hooked up with local rappers Tajai and A-Plus, whom he met through Casual, another emcee who was Opio’s classmate and neighbor. The three instantly clicked and began recording together, soon adding fourth emcee Phesto Dee, to form the group Souls of Mischief. Together with Del the Funky Homosapien, Casual, Domino, and Pep Love, the legendary crew Hieroglyphics was born. Opio has always done double duty for Hiero as both an emcee and producer. Opio’s recent production credits include the track “Naked Fonk” from Del’s recent 11th Hour. Opio’s first solo effort, 2005’s Triangulation Station, moved over 20,000 units. Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume 1 is the first chapter of a forthcoming trilogy from Opio. All three albums are produced by Oakland-based The Architect and will be released on Hiero Imperium records.

Opio will be touring this summer and fall in support of the album with Hieroglyphics. Dates available here.



Some Superfly Sh!t

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