Ra-Re Valverde – A Beautiful Mess

Ra-Re Valverde – A Beautiful Mess

Described by Rahsaan Patterson “Truly one of the most forward thinking artists to emerge in the Soul genre”, Ra-Re Valverde is a name set to make people reconsider their vision of Soul music.
With a work background including names such as Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Lalah Hathaway, Trina Broussard and Rahsaan Patterson himself – for Ra-Re is now time to shine, showing her own art and music to the world with her debut album titled “A Beautiful Mess”.

“A Beautiful Mess” is an honest and brave album that really shows an artist’s versatily as well as maturity achieved over worldwide tours and studio experiences. Get ready to experience sounds ranging from 80’s Electro, Classic R&B, Jazz, Ambient and progressive sounds that truly puts Ra-Re “Outside The Box”.

Destined to be an artist since the day she was born, Ra-Re grew up surrounded by art at every stage of her life, as per will of her family – from singing in church, to studying music from classical to jazz, vocal coaching and more.

Influenced from artists like Prince, Bobby McFerrin, Miles Davis, Bjork and Radiohead to name a few, it is no surprise that “A Beautiful Mess” came out as a strong statement from a ground-breaking artist who’s not afraid to experiment and go a little left from what some might consider the norm.
This is just the beginning for Ra-Re, and we can only look forward to experiencing what she has in store.

“Ra-Re’s tone is like chocolate silk, the lyrics are pure and the vocal arrangements are left but exactly right…a must get!”
– Jill Scott

“Truly one of the most forward thinking artists to emerge in the Soul genre. A beautiful Mess is pure artistry.
– Rahsaan Patterson

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