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Zune Arts To Preview Upcoming Graphic Novel Written By Steve Niles

Zune Arts To Preview Upcoming Graphic Novel Written By Steve Niles

ZUNE ARTS TO PREVIEW UPCOMING GRAPHIC NOVEL WRITTEN BY STEVE NILES Six Video Podcasts Provide a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of “The Lost Ones”

In anticipation of the upcoming Zune Arts graphic novel “The Lost Ones,” six behind-the-scenes video podcasts are being released today on Zune Marketplace and The videos chronicle the creative collaboration between 30 Days of Night author Steve Niles and the novel’s four graphic artists – Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, Kime Buzzelli, and Morning Breath.

Featuring music from the Bald Eagle’s track “Those are Cobras, Man,” these exclusive podcasts take viewers into the world of each artist, giving insight into their background, process, style and approach to this unique collaborative project. Writer Steve Niles also shares his journey of writing the novel and comments on his experience in collaborating with the other artists.

“The Lost Ones” tells the story of Duncan, Roxy, Rasheed and Cynthia, who leave their Earth and get swept up in an epic intergalactic adventure. What starts out as a harmless day of extreme planet jumping turns into a mind-blowing, white-knuckle race for their lives to get back home.

The Zune Arts program brings the best creative minds together to collaborate on inspiring works of art. With “The Lost Ones,” Zune Arts expands beyond videos and posters and makes it first foray into the graphic novel format.

Collector’s and paperback editions of “The Lost Ones” will be available for free in June 2008 at select comic book stores nationwide.

To watch the behind-the-scenes videos, visit

About Zune Arts:
Zune Arts is a program that offers emerging and established artists a unique collaboration opportunity and platform to share their work with a broader audience. At the heart of Zune Arts are ideas about friendship, sharing, connecting and discovery that serve as both a guide for artists’ work and an ethic for the art that’s produced through this program.

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