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Khia – Be Your Lady audio

Khia – Be Your Lady audio

“We f#ck in the car / We f#ck in the house / I’ll fix you breakfast butt naked while you eatin’ me out.”

Known for her infamous 2002 smash club single, “My Neck, My Back,” Khia is back and ready to take the hip-hop world by storm. Never shy about her sexual endeavors, Khia’s latest song “Be Your Lady” about her latest male conquest leave nothing to the imagination: “We f#ck in the car / We f#ck in the house / I’ll fix you breakfast butt naked while you eatin’ me out.” The scandalous lyrics are dropped over a derrty Southern beat whose hypnotic flow lends itself to a repetitive melodic line that gels to create a head-nodding club flow. Although her album is yet to be released, “Be Your Lady” has been creating a buzz online. The track was downloaded on her MySpace site 561,311 times (40k/day) in the first 2 weeks of its availability and on Digiwax, a DJ servicing site, the community gave the track 4 out of 5 stars and it moved 1,100 copies in just under 48 hours from the release date.

The Background:

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Tampa, Florida, Khia now resides in Atlanta. Khia has been writing and singing rap, R&B and gospel her whole life. Her first brush with the hip-hop club scene began when she bartended at the trend setting club XS in Tampa. The bar was home to Wild 98.7 and served as the venue for the hottest local DJ and club shows. When Khia’s mother passed away in 2000 from kidney failure, Khia used her grief as a catalyst to kick her music career into action. In 2002 Khia wrote, produced, and released her debut album Thug Misses. Distributed by Artemis Records, but with no major label contract deal, Khia found success on her own terms despite not having “Top 40” radio play or PR team to gain exposure for her album. The now infamous single, “My Neck, My Back,” has sold 100,000 units to date and has been featured on numerous television shows and feature films. In 2005, she released her sophomore album Gangstress, which featured the single “Snatch the Cat Back.” Khia has also been featured on the Janet Jackson’s “So Excited” and Trick Daddy’s “Jodd.” Most recently Khia was featured on VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme and had an ongoing column with Nasti Muzik was produced by Khia, Marlon “Big Cat” Rowe and Melvin “Birdman” Breeden. The album will be released on July 22, 2008.


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