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Online Hip Hop Under Attack- SOHH Statement – hacked

Online Hip Hop Under Attack- SOHH Statement – hacked

As many of you are already aware, has been under attack by hackers this week. We noticed the first wave of attacks in our vBulletins forums and as of this morning the whole site was compromised.

It appears that hackers are specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish youth who ascribe to hip hop culture. Other websites, including AllHipHop and Da Piff forums, have also been compromised or threatened this week.

We are managing this situation on several fronts. We have taken down the server to patch the security breach and put in protections for future attacks. Also, as this is an international issue, it is being addressed by The FBI and the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group.

We realize the hackers attacked because of our stature in the hip hop space and the people we serve. Unfortunately, we did a poor job of protecting from imminent threats from people who hate our community simply because of our racial and ethnic makeup.

This has brought to light our vulnerabilities and those of the internet publisher and users as a whole. What’s possible now is for us to join together to identify and eliminate this threat.

If you are under attack and have any information about these attacks please submit a report to the FBI cyber crimes unit here:

Felicia Palmer CEO

3 replies on “Online Hip Hop Under Attack- SOHH Statement – hacked”

Felicia prepared to be sued by users. Prepare to be abandoned. Your site is no longer safe. I suggest you work on retrieving our personal account information and imprisoning the leaders of this attack or face bankruptcy court.

Anonymous are simply opportunists.

You do not taunt the bull with a red flag in the real world. The same applies here.

This was not a racial attack. If it were a white supremacist (google: Hal Turner Anonymous) the attacks would have been thematically suited to that.

Anonymous raids of any variety (be it Hal Turner, Scientology, SOHH, etc.) are done to provoke a reaction from people who feel they are above and beyond the rest of us without any justification other than their own arrogance. Tall poppies.

Their reactions are priceless, because how dare someone call them out. How dare someone attack the intricately crafted persona they have formed for themselves in their own little world.

Of course, they always play the victim instead of the instigator. In this case: they play the race card. Now they are humbled.

i posted on the sohh forums. it was one bunch of nerds against another bunch of nerds. what a bunch of losers.

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