Rapper, mad music scientist, child of Sonic the Hedgehog are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Charles Hamilton. With his self-produced mixtape “Outside Looking” hosted by Green Lantern praised by the likes of Pharrell and Eminem and a forthcoming album, via Interscope in the first quarter of 2009. Jimmy Iovine’s newest signee, Charles Hamilton produces and writes all his own music and plays multiple instruments at the very young age of 20. Already profiled by NY Times, XXL, Complex, The Fader, Trace, and Vibe Magazine’s and, Okayplayer,,,,, and the New Music Cartel among others; Charles Hamilton is a name you need to know!!

Just as Athena sprung forth from Zeus’s head, Charles Hamilton was given birth by Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic buries himself into sound, putting him through different zones and mind states. The sound dictates the zone itself. Sonic is faster than the sound, so he can never lose or die, as long as he follows the truest sound, his heart.

Part mythical character, part artist; Charles Hamilton’s existence is guided by and solely dedicated to music in order to sustain life. “If tomorrow I get dropped from my label, I’m not going back to a comfortable apartment. I’m homeless, again. I abandoned a negative lifestyle to achieve happiness in music. I’m watching my dreams unfold right in front of me, in my own zone. Reality, or as I call it, “The Lavalamp Zone”, he recently lamented.

The name Charles Hamilton is the newest breed of sonic sound, energy and a creative force from another universe that will be buzzing in your heads for months to come.

Download link to Charles Hamilton’s “Outside Looking mixtape (hosted by Green Lantern)”

Download link to Charles Hamilton’s “Brooklyn Girls

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