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You Say Party! We Say Die! Reveal Tracklisting For Remix Album via Paper Bag Digital

You Say Party! We Say Die! To Release Remik’s Cube Remix Album via Paper Bag Digital!

Full Album Stream of: Remik’s Cube

“Take an old idea, re-design it, sell it back. Or better yet, take an old idea and recycle it into a new one. In the color spectrum of human endeavor, at the indigo end, there are those who wish that everything would be ultimately stationary and last forever. And then there are those opposite at the bright red end who believe…that a day without 12 fresh is a day without sunshine.”

After an incredible, and simultaneously volatile 2007, Vancouver outfit You Say Party! We Say Die! are back! In some form, at least. Busy working on songs for their next album, YSP!WSD! is excited to announce the digital-only release of Remik’s Cube, reworkings of their critically-acclaimed 2007 sophomore release Lose All Time, set for release via Paper Bag Digital on August 26.

Remik’s Cube is the inspired re-thoughts of Lose All Time. A retouched calibration for the dancefloor and the dramtically artistic side of YSP!WSD! Old ideas and and new ideas are mixed into fresh patterns. Stirred together and bursting like the stars at night. Lose All Time was as politically charged as ever. Politicing was put at the wayside in exchange for explored emotional expression and creativity. The Remixers (Montag, The Octopus Project, Wallpaper, RAC) continue YSP!WSD!’s subtle approach in showing you their inner anger/love/pain. While not calling down “The Gap!”, the band takes stabs at the plight of sex trade workers in “Opportunity”, urban renewal in “Downtown Mayors…” and sexual crimes in “Poison”. There’s no need to make it an obvious protest. They instead say “Hey, look/listen closer.”

Remik’s Cube contains the expressions of the remixer’s interpretations of YSP!WSD! live show. When you walk in to the room at a YSP!WSD! show, the atmosphere is electric. Neon blinking on and off, too loud music, the momentum kicks you into DANSK-space. You can tell you arrived, before you even walked in. You absolutely have to stop and stare.
Or Start Moving!
Something is different here, something is going on. They’re not like others. Becky has become the on-fire focal point, always transforming and constantly evolving. Dancing, spinning and throwing her body around at the whims of the music. Her heart is in love with her audience. Japan has even said “it’s as though she’s hugging the whole room, everything all at once!”

Obviously, ever so obviously, You Say Party! We Say Die! is out-of-date and also the coming thing. You Say Party! We Say Die! is the newest wave. (N.W.O.N.W.) They’ve got a hell of a lot of nerve.

Remik’s Cube Tracklisting:
1. 5 Year Plan [Vitaminsforyou Remix]
2. DMG, AKR! [D&B Remix]
3. Opportunity [Montag Remix]
4. Teenage Hit Wonder [re-styled by Camp America]
5. Monster [RAC Remix]
6. Like I Give A Care [Octopus Project Remix]
7. Poison [Bocce Remix]
8. Moon [Wallpaper Remix]
9. Giant Hands [Kevvy Mental Remix]
10. You’re Almost There [DJ Rexford Mix]
11. Dancefloor Destroyer [Great Lenin’s Ghost Remix]
12. Quiet World [Stop Die Resuscitate In a Khole Remix]