Ocean Lab – Sirens of the Sea (Ultra Records) August 5th, 2008

Ocean Lab – Sirens of the Sea (Ultra Records) August 5th, 2008

“Sirens of the Sea” Track Listing:
1. Just Listen
2. Sirens of the Sea
3. If I Could Fly
4. Breaking Ties
5. Miracle
6. Come Home
7. On A Good Day
8. Ashes
9. I Am What I Am
10. Lonely Girl
11. Secret
12. On the Beach
13. Breaking Ties (Flow Mix)

Blissful Balearic moments courtesy of Above & Beyond’s chart-hitting side project with Justine Suissa…

Ibiza – the birthplace of modern dance music. 20 years on and the island remains an important catalyst for today’s hottest dance talents. This year, OceanLab, the project featuring Above & Beyond and singer/songwriter Justine Suissa spent several weeks holed up in a villa there finishing their debut album, ‘Sirens Of The Sea’.

Seeped in Balearic brilliance, ‘Sirens Of The Sea’ is a mix of blissed out epics and dancefloor cuts. An album of depth, variety and serene beauty, showcasing a level of songwriting and production rarely witnessed within electronic music, and already drawing comparisons with bands such as Zero 7 and Everything But The Girl.

As OceanLab, Tony, Paavo and Jono’s work with Justine has led to a string of club anthems such as ‘Clear Blue Water’ (Top 50 UK Sales Chart), ‘Sky Falls Down’ and ‘Beautiful Together’, with each release adding to OceanLab’s reputation as one of clubland’s best loved vocal dance projects. They crossed into the mainstream consciousness when their 4th single, ‘Satellite’, was A-listed on Radio 1 and broke into the Top 20 of the UK sales chart, enjoying similar success globally.

Above & Beyond were voted No.11 in the world’s Top 25 dance acts of the past 25 years according to Mixmag’s readers, and as DJs, are ranked at No.6 in DJ Magazine’s Top 100. Their debut artist album, ‘Tri-State’, was one of the top selling dance albums on iTunes in 2006.

Tony McGuiness from OceanLab said:

“OceanLab has been a part of the Above & Beyond family since the very start (‘Satellite’ is probably our most popular song when we DJ, even now), so it was only a matter of time before we did an album with Justine. With Tri-State out of the way we started writing for the album in earnest two years ago. Justine has a unique lyrical perspective and we’ve decided to make that centre stage as much as possible, so the album is again a very personal statement by us. We hope you like it!”

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