K-Black Interview

Interview conducted by Hugo Lunny

MVRemix: For those that are now hearing about you for the first time, tell us about yourself.

K-Black Interview

K-Black: I am just a young artist that really wants to have a positive impact on my community. I really see music as a tool that I could use to empower my people. When I say my people I mean everyone that is struggling to find themselves and be positive. I am from Baltimore and I rep that all day every day. The city made me what I am today.

MVRemix: You’ve been writing since you were nine, which artists inspired/influenced you?

K-Black: Really it has been a whole host of people. I have dug a little deeper into myself and really try to look at business men for my inspiration. I love the music please don’t get me wrong. At the end of the day I want to have a sustainable business that is helping feed my family and other families. I have been able to study the people in the industry that have lasted at least 10 years. That goes from the janitor to the Chairman of the board. I have took a critical look at staying power and the elements that come along with that. That is the formula that I have instilled in myself and my team.

MVRemix: Do you have a particular memory of the moment you decided rap was what you wanted to do?

K-Black: Wow that is a great question. I believe the moment in time for me was when I found out that you could make a career out of something that you love. The passion, drive and energy is something that has not died in me. Ever since the first time I rocked the mic it has been life changing. Doing the battles in the middle of streets. Staying all night at the studio. Being able to grab the mic at the clubs and people know your songs. Through all of this I haven’t seen any real money. I knew that this what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

MVRemix: How important do you feel networking is?

K-Black: People are the most important resources that we have period. If you are not networking you are just shooting yourself in the foot.

MVRemix: How does living in Baltimore shape your attitude towards music, art and culture in general?

K-Black: It is my foundation. It gave me the basis of my reallity that I have been able to express through music. Sometimes you could say that it is a love hate relationship. I have seen some pretty rough stuff. Those bad things have pushed me but I wish that they would stop in the city. One of my homeboys just got killed over a weed sale. They shoot him four times. That pushes me to go farther with the music but I want all that stuff to end in the city.

MVRemix: How did the name K-Black come to be?

K-Black: Everyone use to call me Black. Then my first name is Kevin. We just put the two together and came up with K-Black.

MVRemix: What are you currently working on?

K-Black: I am just working on a lot of new music. I have been doing a lot of the pre-production in my studio. Now we are looking at all of the material to decide what we really want to release.

MVRemix: Is the album complete?

K-Black: In terms of the album I have enough material for about 5 albums. We really want to take the slow grind approach and carefully select song by song that we put out.

MVRemix: How long did the record take to record and how planned was it – ie did you set out with a tracklisting and stick to it or record a number of songs and chose a select amount leaving the rest on the “cutting room floor”?

K-Black: I just think of a concept and then really try to find a beat and a producer that can bring it to life. I never stop recording because I love the music. It has been a lot less project focused and been more about making music that is timeless that can be released at anytime.

MVRemix: Your bio states you’re “not a battle rapper” but “A rapper who can battle.” Many rappers feel the need to state this, what does the sentence prove?

K-Black: I started out as a battle rapper. That is really a part of me that got me into the game. I never wanted to be cast type as that type of artist. It is like a lot of professional athletes can play street ball but they don’t want to be classified as a street baller. That is really the standpoint that I am coming from. I just elevated myself to another area of Hip-Hop. The battle rap arena is not where I want to grow and develop myself.

MVRemix: Why is being seen as a battle rapper “negative”?

K-Black: I don’t even think I would say that it is negative. You have to take a look at yourself and really decide what you want to accomplish. If that is your lane that you pursue it and make it work for you. I don’t really think that it is negative at all. That is art form that I respect as an artist.

MVRemix: What separates you from other rappers? Why should I opt to listen to your music above others?

K-Black: I am taking situations that everyday people can relate to. What is extra special is that I have a good flow and production with the music. It is a simple concept that turns into a great song. I am just being me. I am not trying to be anyone but K-Black. I don’t make music for the marketing department.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la “Fight Club” – “If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight”?

K-Black: If I could fight any celebrity it would have to be Nia Long in a mud fight.

MVRemix: Would you win?

K-Black: I don’t care who would win the fight as long as I was able to do it.

MVRemix: What next do we have to look forward to from you?

K-Black: I have a distribution deal with a company out of Texas called BCMG. We are looking to put out some music and south and just let it bubble.

MVRemix: Any last words?

K-Black: You can check out my music at www.kblack366.com. Also the grind is you…finish the rest.

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