The Droog Mirror – Jamie Jones, Simon Baker and so much more

From humble beginnings at L’Scorpion just two years past, to the unwelcoming confines of Cinespace of the weekend last, the Droog mission has always been to throw the perfect party. Raising the bar has always been the mantra and having debuted the likes of Guido Schneider, Seth Troxler, Konrad Black and Martin Landsky in Los Angeles as well as bringing return guests like Mathew Jonson, the bar has been raised…

But August 8th brings the initiation of a higher level of raving, the debut of the first ever Droog Weekender – a totally activated, vertically integrated itinerary for gloriously wasting the weekend. Two Droog parties, two very different but complimentary locales – at two favorite LA venues – The Room and the Standard.

And who better to assist in delivering this double doze of Droog than a pair of wildly talented blokes from the land of the Weekender?

For the night-time portion, at The Room on Friday the 8th, Droog welcomes the LA return of Jamie Jones (LIVE) and the LA debut of Simon Baker.

On the back of excellent and high-profile releases for Cocoon, Connaisseur, Leftroom and Playhouse, Simon is having a true breakthrough year. A top DJ, producer, and head of the excellent Infant Records label, you’ll be better off from having heard and met Simon Baker.

Jamie Jones is a known quality to fellow Droogs and Devotchkas. His set on the Standard Rooftop in March, along-side Clive Henry, is still much talked about among those who witnessed it. Jamie returns to showcase both sides of his artistic personality. On Friday night, Jamie gives Droog the much vaunted right to present the US club debut of his Live set. Having previewed it at this year’s WMC, Jamie is perfecting the live performance in anticipation of a full length release on the rejuvenated and re-invigorated Crosstown Rebels this Fall.

After some slumber, on Sunday the 10th, we re-load on our way to the legendary Standard Downtown roof-top for Round 2.

With Simon Baker off to Montreal to share a party bill with Alex Smoke, Jamie Jones and Droog will take the center-stage and the solo spotlight. After showcasing his own exciting material, Jamie will be ready to let his exceptional DJ-ing skills do the talking. In sharing in our favorite credo – Seduce and Destroy – Jamie will do just that. So put on your red shoes, cancel your Monday plans, and dance with Droog!

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