Wayne Brady Talks About His Debut Album A Long Time Coming in stores Sept 16

“I’ve always been a singer… always. That’s how I supported myself when I wasn’t working as an actor. That was my primary means of support.” – Wayne Brady

Get an exclusive look at Wayne Brady in studio talking about his career and new album.
“A Long Time Coming” in stores Sept 16

Wayne Brady video featurette

Official first single:
Wayne Brady – “Ordinary” (audio)


Los Angeles, CA – On September 16, 2008 Peak Records/Concord Music Group will release Wayne Brady’s debut album, the appropriately titled – A Long Time Coming.

The Emmy Award winner is the consummate entertainer, whose talent truly knows no boundaries. As a stage, screen and live performer Brady is unparalleled.

But now, he turns his attention to his first love: music. The 12-track R&B collection features Brady’s own compositions standing side by side with his loving, inspired reinventions of such classics as Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come,” The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” and Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do.”

“I always thought that Wayne Brady was an amazingly talented performer with an incredible voice,” says Andi Howard, president of Peak Records. “When asked by his producers if I would be interested in signing him as an artist to Peak my response was an emphatic, yes. Not only did he deliver a fabulous album, but an album that is extremely heartfelt and exceeded all expectations. It was indeed ‘A Long Time Coming.’”

Brady linked with The Heavyweights, the superstar production team composed of Jack Kugell, Jamie Jones and Jason Pennock, to write and record the album. The Heavyweights’ productions have sold more than 28 million albums and include work with such superstars as Jim Brickman, Martina McBride and Destiny’s Child.

First single, “Ordinary,” is a mid-tempo burner that pays tribute to the glorious simplicity found in every day life and love. Penned by the Heavyweights, Sarah Nagourney and Welford B. Walton II, the song is enhanced by Brady’s nuanced, soulful delivery.

Brady’s talent is too big to contain to any one format. He’s currently starring in his own Las Vegas show, “Making It Up,” which runs Thursday-Monday at the Venetian Hotel. The revue highlights his legendary music, dance and improv skills, for which he won an Emmy while appearing on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Brady, who also garnered two Emmys as outstanding talk show host for his self-titled syndicated talk show, will return to TV as host of Fox’s hit show, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” this fall. Additionally, Brady has also appeared as Neil Patrick Harris’s gay brother on “How I Met Your Mother,” and Tina Fey’s bad-luck boyfriend on “30 Rock.”


1. Ordinary (Jack Kugell, Jamie Jones, Jason Pennock, Sarah Nagourney & Welford B.Walton II)
2. F.W.B. (Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones, Jack Kugell, Jason Pennock & Robert Daniels)
3. Can’t Buy Me Love (Written by: John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
4. Back In The Day (Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones & Jack Kugell)
5. Sweetest Berry (Written by: Jamey Jaz / David Ryan Harris)
6. A Change Is Gonna Come (Written by: Sam Cooke)
7. I Ain’t Movin’ (Written by: Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones. Jack Kugell. Jason Pennock)
8. Make Heaven Wait (Written by: Jack Kugell. Jamie Jones. Jason Pennock, Martin Kember & David Garcia)
9. All Naturally (Written by: Jamie Jones, Jack Kugell & Jason Pennock)
10. All I Do (Written by: Clarence Paul, Morris Broadnax and Stevie Wonder)
11. Beautiful Ugly (Written by: M. Burton, Steve Kipner, Jack Kugell, Jami Jones, Jason Pennock & Lamont Neuble)
12. You and Me (Written by: Wayne Brady, Jamie Jones & Jason Pennock)

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