Mateo Amarei Interview

Mateo Amarei Interview

conducted by Hugo Lunny

Mateo Amarei Interview

MVRemix: For those that are now hearing about you for the first time, tell us about yourself.

Mateo Amarei: Well, my name is Mateo Amarei and I’m a singer/songwriter/performer out of a small island in Texas called Galveston, about 30 minutes south of Houston, Texas. I’m here to bring diversity to the world of music, and I do that with my unique vocal arrangement and story telling songs. I’m 22 years young and a mogul in training! Next?

MVRemix: How important do you feel networking is?

Mateo Amarei: Networking is very important. More so than talent, unfortunately, in this business. Your relationships are what can make or break you so having an extended network of positivity is top priority in this business, and I feel in life as well.

MVRemix: How valuable have you found MySpace to be and what/who first introduced you to the site?

Mateo Amarei: MySpace has definitely been a blessing! Through MySpace I have met most everyone I am working with now, and have been able to spread my music and personality to a much broader audience, but I think I have only scratched the surface of what that social networking monster can do. I was introduced to myself by my siblings and at first I was not much of an internet “goer”, but MySpace’s addictive nature drew me in and now I can’t seem to go a few hours without checking it.

MVRemix: You’ve penned a good number of songs for some well established artists, how did those connections come about?

Mateo Amarei: Mostly, those connections came through business partners and personal networking. Songwriting for other people is very hard work because it’s difficult to cater to others’ visions sometimes.

MVRemix: As a songwriter, who has influenced you?

Mateo Amarei: Wow… hmmm. Diane Warren, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Keri Hilson, The Clutch, and even Adonis and Rodney Jerkins’ Team. I feel like I have forgotten someone, but that’s a pretty good start.

MVRemix: Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Mateo Amarei: Yes! It was called, “Thank You,” and it was a tribute to my older brother, Terry.

MVRemix: How does living in Texas shape your attitude towards music, art and culture in general?

Mateo Amarei: Living in Texas is definitely what you make it. Some would say that Texas is very bland as far as music and not very inspiring as far as art and culture. I’d say those people were extremely wrong. Texas is a very diverse state that has a very diverse sense of music, art and culture. It’s not horses and carriages out there. My attitude towards music has been very broad when it comes to living in Texas. I was exposed to a lot of different genres of music by living there… from country to classical and even music in different languages. I love it in Texas.

MVRemix: What’s the most romantic song you’ve ever heard? The first that comes to mind anyway…

Mateo Amarei: Boyz 2 Men, “On Bended Knee”. Gets me every time.

MVRemix: Tell me about the album, The Beginning of the Next.

Mateo Amarei: This album has been years in the making. It is going to be The Beginning of the Next stage of RnB / Pop / Hip-Hop / Alternative music as we know it. It can be described as a “Fusion of Music” if you will. I have team up with some of the most talented known and unknown producers/writers to create an album that is musically/lyrically innovative and blurs the lines between genres. Get ready for an album that will take you through a plethora of emotions.

MVRemix: How did the title come about?

Mateo Amarei: Well I was on the phone with my girlfriend of that time, and she was saying that I was, “The Beginning of the Next” level in music. I was a little apprehensive to take on the title at first, but as the construction of the album continued it just seemed to fit.

MVRemix: How long did the record take to record and how planned was it – ie did you set out with a tracklisting and stick to it or record a number of songs and chose a select amount leaving the rest on the “cutting room floor”?

Mateo Amarei: The Album is actually still on the dissecting table. The problem with having such a diverse archive of songs is that it is very difficult to decide which way to go. On top of that, each song is very special in its own regard that leaving them on the “cutting room floor” is almost heartbreaking. What I can say is that I plan on having a 16 track album. Now if that plan is executed is TBD (To Be Determined), but it has been at least 1 to 2.5 years in the making. It started off as recording song with no direction…then the path became clear.

MVRemix: What do you wish to achieve with the album?

Mateo Amarei: The goal is multi-Platinum baby! [laughs] I hope to break down all barriers that everyone negative in my life thought they put up. I want to uplift writers and producers into knowing that real musicality has not died, and that there is a way to be “radio friendly” without sacrificing your vision and creativity. I want people to appreciate the music and genuinely love it for what it is, because it is from the hearts of everyone involved in it’s creation. Hopefully, everyone involved in this album will have multiple plaques on their walls.

MVRemix: Any videos planned?

Mateo Amarei: Well I’m in the works of constructing a storyboard for my debut single, “Wish I Was Single.”

MVRemix: If I’m coming to a Mateo Amarei show. What is it that I’m going to experience that I won’t experience simply from listening to your material on CD?

Mateo Amarei: Every song on my album tells a story. It’s almost as if each song was catered to a visual partner. Live is going to be what you hear unveiled for your visual pleasure. I’m trying to make my show as entertaining as possible because I feel a lot of Artists have gotten selfish and forget about those fans in the seats and how anxious they are to see a real performance. So look out for dancing and lots of energy.

MVRemix: What separates you from other singers? Why should I opt to listen to your music above others?

Mateo Amarei: My music comes from my mind, heart, and soul. My brother would call it “ear crack”, [laughs] because as a listener you’re always capturing something that is alluring and addictive. I write 95% of my material so you can learn a lot about me by listening to the ordeals I sing about. I have a song for every potential mood you could go through, and sing about real-life situation without making them mundane and cliche.

MVRemix: In a sentence or less, what do you do to relax?

Mateo Amarei: I watch a really good movie.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la “Fight Club” – “If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight”?

Mateo Amarei: I would fight Ne-Yo and Usher because I am constantly being compared, and I want the public to see the difference between them and I.

MVRemix: Would you win?

Mateo Amarei: Of course, I’d win! [laughs]

MVRemix: Do you have any non musical aspirations?

Mateo Amarei: Wow, yes! I was just speaking with a close friend the other day and I told him that music is merely step one. I have so many plans with my life! I want to get into acting, directing, fashion, and introducing a new kind of curriculum to the colleges teaching the spiritual aspect of this business and how to keep sane. But I can’t take credit for that last one… I latched onto someone else’s vision there.

MVRemix: What next do we have to look forward to from you?

Mateo Amarei: Next would definitely be acting. It’s my second love.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Mateo Amarei: Thanks for the opportunity to speak with you! I am so glad and appreciative to have all the fans that I do and will have, and make sure you all check me out on my MySpace page at Also, request my debut single, “Wish I Was Single” on your local radio stations! Thank you all and I love you all!

Mateo Amarei Interview

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Music’s good. Heard it on the myspace. Dude seems a little predictable though, Ne-Yo and Usher ?

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