Robin Thicke – Something Else album In Stores Today

The long-awaited album from Robin Thicke finally hits shelves today! Hear the entire album right now on Myspace here!

Long on breathy sensitive-male ballads about how he understands your hopes and shares your desires, Something Else picks up right where Thicke left off with the last album’s hit single, “Lost Without U.”

The music is a lush, louche swirl of strings, congas and Fender Rhodes that flaunts its debts to Marvin Gaye (“You’re My Baby”), classic disco (“Something Else”) and Philly soul (“Magic”).

In addition to pop-leaning tracks like “Dreamworld,” Something Else thankfully offers more of the mellow throwback soul that made 2007’s The Evolution of Robin Thicke a hit.
-Barnes and Noble

Something Else Album Tracklist

All songs produced by: Robin Thicke and Pro J

1. You’re My Baby
2. Sidestep
3. Magic
4. Ms. Harmony
5. Dreamworld
6. Loverman
7. Hard On My Love
8. The Sweetest Love
9. Something Else
10. Shadow of Doubt
11. Cry No More
12. Tie My Hands featuring Lil Wayne

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