Ludacris – Undisputed video and new release date for Theater Of The Mind

You can call Chris “Ludacris” Bridges a number of things. Hip-hop superstar. Actor. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Restaurateur. Pitchman. Online visionary. Columnist. All of these labels are accurate, and with his forthcoming November 25th album release, Theater Of The Mind, the Grammy winning, Atlanta-based entertainment maven shows that, as he continues expanding his reach, his musical prowess remains as potent as ever.

“I wanted an album where you could listen to it from beginning to end and it would put you in an imaginative state,” Ludacris says of his sixth major label album. “Ice Cube, Scarface, 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., they paved the way for me. I feel like they’re some of the greatest of all time and they lyrically and conceptually put you in this place. I want my fans to feel like they’re part of the music. That’s what Theater Of The Mind is all about, drawing people in.”

Indeed, Theater Of The Mind highlights Ludacris’ rap supremacy, on a number of levels. “I call myself the MVP of rap,” he says. “When you put everything together in rap, as far as lyrics, visuals, record sales, personality, conceptual songs, I feel like I’m the summation of all. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

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